Easy peasy upcycled button earrings

Earrings out of buttons can be a super simple DIY while creating one-of-a-kind jewelry on the cheap. You can use up spare buttons, miscellaneous junk jewelry finds, etc. All you'll need other than buttons is maybe some pliers, glue/adhesive and earring hardware like jump rings, earring posts or hooks.

For one of my earring DIYs, I used these vintage buttons I bought for $1 at the last Our Social Fabric sale.

I loved the shape and colour of the buttons. Old buttons really are the best... They're made with quality and character in mind and you can score them in raw materials like wood and not low quality plastic.

Here's my first set of earrings... I used beads and hardware from a thrift store necklace then glued the posts to the back using E-6000 then added plastic backs to the posts.

I love the mix of colours and materials...

Like I said - button earrings are easy! One super simple low budget DIY...

Next up was making earrings out of these buttons... I love designs like this! These are plastic so I was able to take pliers and trim the back. I also sanded the back to create a flat surface for the posts.

I added a bit of E-6000 to the back then placed the earring posts in the middle and let the glue dry.

Two pairs of button earrings done! Each cost maybe $2 and took 20 minutes each to make. Not bad!

And then it was time to take them out for a spin... Fun!

So that's the dealio with DIY button earrings. I also made a necklace... Gonna rethink that one then post about it. So much to be done with buttons!

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