Easy peasy pillow covers and other crafty adventures

Oh ya I think my crafty mojo is finally coming back... I've been sewing, upcycling, making, creating like a fiend lately. Soon I'll be refinishing some furniture. Yay!

First up in my adventure back to being one kick butt crafty gal are my DIY pillow covers using thrift store fabric. I've been meaning to sew covers for my 26" by 26" pillow forms and last weekend was when the magic happened. I cut up my fabric pieces, got my trusty Singer sewing machine ready and then I got crafty.

Here are my two pillow covers... I love this fabric. It was a cheapo thrift store score.

Great colours, textures, etc.

I made the covers a teeny bit loose which I think works well. This is the perfect couch for lazing around and now I have some extra cushioning for those moments.

The back also uses thrift store fabric. It's the perfect fit for the front... And then I added a trusty button to the back for decoration.

Man I missed sewing! So nice to create awesomeness out of 'junk' in the matter of a couple of hours. I'm feeling inspired and geared up for more craftiness!

Meanwhile I refreshed a $10 thrift store frame...This was black and boring but now has a touch of gold and looks stunning. It's part of a gift for a coworker. Someone else designed a poster and I was in charge of the frame.

I covered the black with white craft paint then added a coat of gold. I then reworked the gold by rubbing black craft paint into the design. This softened the gold plus gave the frame a subtle finish and helped it look 'old'. I sealed it with Varathane but that was a bust so I got myself a new container of Mod Podge and that did the trick.

Man buying new Mod Podge oddly enough made me beyond happy. Ya know you're a craft devotee when that happens!

Here's the finish after my DIY-ing and Mod Podge-ing...

Yes indeed... Thrift store finds plus Mod Podge equals total awesomeness.

And so it's time to get crafty... Button jewelry, furniture refinishing and other upcycling schemes are in the works. Stay tuned!

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