Crafting at the Earth Charter Day celebration

Last Wednesday, TBD was part of the Earth Charter Day celebration organized by Earth Charter Canada and Dudoc Vancouver. The night was filled with inspiration - art, music, connecting and crafting with 'crap'. We made name tags out of upcycled cereal boxes, laminate samples and cardboard rounds.

I had an extra copy of 'Raw Crafts' on hand so decided to set up a giveaway. My new BFF Christopher created this handmade sign for me.

This is my new friend Ari Lazer from Sacred Light Design Co. I fell in love with his work.

The craft table became quite the hub of crafty awesomeness... The DIY name tags ranged from super simple to very elaborate.


Jake... I loved how he hung his tag from his button.

So darn cute! Very happy crafters. Yay!

These two were total cutie patooties... They rocked the upcycled name tag gig.

The table was definitely hopping.

This is Wilco. I loved his name tag.

Simple yet creative and very funsie.

There were speeches, intros...

Mingling, sharing, etc...

My kewl peep Mallora, we were both on the Neighbourhood Small Grants Resident Advisory Board, and my contact for all things craft-related Josephine.

This is Gerben, the main dude behind Dudoc Vancouver, wearing one super duper name tag thanks to Maia.

The 'Raw Crafts' giveaway... Christopher collected the biz cards and got to pick the lucky winner. Anna helped him get all hooked up with the sound system.

And the winner is... Sheryl! Not only did Sheryl rock the DIY name tag but she won the crafty book. Yup - 'Raw Crafts' found a very happy home.

I was happy to see my crafty peep Irina from Frameworq with her Fix-It table. A few items were given some very much needed TLC. What would we do without Irina and Frameworq!

I had a blast crafting with 'crap' at Dudoc Vancouver's Earth Charter Day celebration. I met so many awesome peeps - we made name tags out of junk which was a big hit! Yay!

Thanks to Dudoc Vancouver for including me! And thanks to all the awesome peeps that crafted with me. It was a FAB par-tee!

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