A quick and dirty furniture update

And so the crafty mojo is back in gear! I finally got around to stitching up the fabric for the second of these foldable tables / chairs. I thankfully had enough fabric on hand to complete both updates. And I adore this fabric for the foldable pieces.

Here they are - they're quite the dynamic duo...

The fabric is so bright, colourful and fun!

I measured out the fabric, cut, pinned and ironed then stitched up. Easy peasy! Now I just need to find them a happy home!

Next up are these collapsible director chairs... They've been in my parents' shed for a couple of years and really need tons of TLC.

New fabric, new paint then they'll be good to go!

I've even started searching out new to me furniture to relove. Why not... It's summer, it's a good way to get outside and be crafty!


  1. Wow, I love them, the before and after pics ar amazing!

  2. Thanks Lynn!! I'm pretty happy with the final pieces... And they didn't take too long to fix up! :-)