A gifted succulent and a thrift store find make a FAB pair

Last week my Mom gave me this lovely succulent. It was sitting on the window sill in their kitchen feeling a bit neglected so I got it. I took it home and decided I would find it a very happy home.

In my thrifting adventures on Saturday, I found this... A swanky metal teapot from England for $5. It was a bit extravagant for me but I figured it could work really well with the gifted succulent. No harm in trying!

I brought it home, cleaned it up then added some cushions to the bottom. Turns out my teapot was made in England and came from The Carlton.

Next I added some rocks for drainage. Not totally necessary but I figured I'd had them anyways.

After the rocks, I added some soil then transplanted the succulent. I added a bit of water and tada! I was done. Isn't it super cute?!

So there ya go - an easy peasy DIY and super thrifty.

I think these two make a very happy, gorgeous couple! Succulents and thrift store finds make me swoon.

Happy crafting!

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