City of Richmond Crafternoon prep

Last weekend I was back crafting with 'crap' with my City of Richmond peeps. We upcycled thrift store t-shirts. An easy, fun and cheap way to relove discarded items. First I wanted to come up with some new projects... Last time we made t-shirt yarn then created macrame hanging plants. We also turned old t-shirts into headbands, cowls and bags.

First was collecting t-shirts... I bought a ton from the Salvation Army Thrift Store for $1 each. I chose patterns and a variety of bright colours that I thought would work.

Next was making t-shirt yarn then trying some simple DIYs like making t-shirt yarn jewelry. I used hemp to create an adjustable necklace then added strips of t-shirt yarn.

I also tested out some finger knitting using turquoise t-shirt yarn.

This was my Sunday morning gig... A yummy cup-o-joe, t-shirt yarn and then zen-ful finger knitting. This is the life!

I finger knitted a few rows to create a bracelet or maybe this could be a choker!

I then added beads to the ends and tied my DIY bracelet onto my wrist.

Yup - it's that easy! Next I need to try arm knitting! T-shirt yarn is pretty darn kewl...

I was now ready for my Crafternoon... Upcycling t-shirts into bags, jewelry, headbands, pillow covers and even wall art. Why not!

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