Upcycled crafts for Mom

Saturday was my Mom's Day Crafternoon with the North Vancouver City Library. I decided to switch things up for my sample DIYs. I made quirky books, cards and a photo frame. First up was my book using upcycled cereal boxes and Kraft paper. I used the cereal boxes for the cover then Kraft paper for the pages. I then hole punched the cover and pages then tied them together.

I then decided to jazz up the cover using a wallpaper sample and sparkly duct tape

I glued wallpaper to the cereal box cardboard then taped the sides with the duct tape.

I then covered the spine with glitter duct tape then glued gems to it.

The pages could be for drawing, writing or photos.

Easy peasy pasta box book good to go!

I then worked on a DIY photo frame using the same materials.

Here it is... I even added upcycled wallpaper flowers to embellish the frame.

And my final sample was an accordion Mom's Day card... I used cereal box cardboard for the front and back then Kraft paper for the inside. I then covered the front and back with wallpaper and stenciled onto the wallpaper. Happy Mom's Day!

And those are my sample projects... Fun!

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