My artist interview with Papergirl YVR

Yay! My interview with Papergirl YVR is up! They posted it on Friday... It's a short and super sweet feature about me, TBD and what drives me as an artist. Papergirl YVR did a great job with the write up and photos. Thanks Julie!

Find it on the Papergirl YVR blog.

Before the blog post was the opening exhibition of VIBE 8 at the Anvil Centre. The exhibition shows all of the donated art that will be part of the 6th annual Papergirl YVR ride. Lots of awesome art to be seen like work by my crafty peep Jenn Ashton...

And Cynthia Frenette...

Loved this piece...

And definitely grooved on this group - CHUMS (Century House Ukelele Musicians and Singers). They sang old hits while strumming on their ukuleles and totally rocked out.

Big thanks to Papergirl YVR for the FAB interview and for a fun event. Find all the artist interviews on their blog at www.papergirlyvr.com/blog.

What's next for Papergirl YVR? Soon it'll be time for them to ride out and gift art! They'll be part of the Pier to Landing event in New Westminster on Sunday, June 19th from 11am to 2pm. Watch for them and maybe you'll be gifted with some kick butt art.

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