Crafting for Mom with my NVCL peeps

Yay for my NVCL crafty peeps! Man have I missed you! Saturday's Crafternoon ended up being pretty darn hilarious and filled with big moments. We only had 30+ participants this time around yet my plethora of cereal boxes were gone in a jiffy! And we definitely kicked craft butt!

Jose showed up and made an origami masterpiece. We were all in awe... And he donated it to the best cleaner upper. Let me tell you I have never seen kids clean up so fast, so enthusiastically. It was unbelievable!

But first we crafted... We made cards, banners, books and more for Mom.

Here's one card filled with tons of love for Mom.

Someone made a flower and apparently it smelled really really good!

Another flower in the works and a lovely DIY card in the foreground.

A big card in progress... Wallpaper samples, sticky jewels and one big heart filled with love for Mom.

Here's the final card...

And yup we love our random projects... This is a Minecraft helmet or hat. Not sure but this guy was super thrilled with it. So we just went with it...

Finished card for Mom...

And a group photo... Such a great gang of fun crafty peeps. And the room ended up being spotless thanks to Jose's origami giveaway!

Thanks to Mikale at the North Vancouver City Library for being my partner-in-craft and to all my awesome participants. You guys ROCK!

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