Adventuring with Roly

I'm back from another trek to Cuba to see Roly. This time my stay was sandwiched between my birthday and our 1 year wedding anniversary. The perfect time to see my man. And hopefully soon he'll be here!

We met in Varadero for a night to see friends and reconnect then trekked to Havana. We made a quick stop at Bacunayagua Bridge on our way. It was a teeny tiny bit windy. The plan for the trip was to start in Varadero then spend a few days in Havana to see family and friends then a few days of adventuring before I flew home from Varadero. It was gonna be one jam-packed week away!

Once in Havana, we stopped to see a few friends. This is the lady, one of his second Moms, that Roly bakes cakes for.

Roly with his sister and one of her sons.

My sister-in-law and sons... Was lovely to see Daniel, our ring bearer.

And his Mom, my beautiful mom-in-law.

We also went to new sights in Havana... One being Havana Forest, a rainforest in the city where you may happen upon people practicing Santería, meaning the worship of Saints. You'll see people in costumes and even making offerings and sacrifices as part of their practice.

We ran into a friend of Roly's dressed as Oshun, a saint. We even found a few offerings in the forest. Definitely an interesting spot to visit.

And then we saw the famous elephant as we drove out.

Afterwards we hit Fuster Street. Wow... A few blocks decorated with art, sculptures, etc. This is the work of José Rodriguez Fuster. His inspiration? Gaudi in Barcelona and Brancusi in Romania. José Fuster had traveled through Europe and when he settled in Havana he took it upon himself to remake his neighbourhood.

This is the entrance to his place...

Here's a view from inside his place...

We explored the various houses, streets and then took this happy 1 year wedding anniversary shot within this heart. Perfect!

We also got to spend time with my father-in-law, stepmom-in-law and brothers-in-law. Love my new family!

And of course we had to retake the photo to include the beloved family dog, Keylor.

We've decided to rework our wedding bands - I was thinking I should go a bit girly and Roly wanted something more substantial. Luckily a neighbour of my father-in-law's is a jeweler.

This is the design I went with. Unfortunately I have to wait til I see Roly again before I get the new ring. The rings will be made from our original ones with some bling added. I can't wait to see it!

We just happened upon this 'monster' home while driving around Havana. There's also more and more kewl street art throughout Havana. So much to see!

Havana is getting popular! Last time I visited the Pope was there then Obama and The Rolling Stones were there and now The Fast and Furious was filming there during my visit. They shut down a few streets around El Capitolio for filming while we were in Havana.

It was busy. Lots of people out to see the filming.

Before we left Havana, we saw Sady. I met Sady the same time I met Roly on June 4, 2013. That was the big day when life changed for Roly and I. Who knew that meeting would lead to so much love, adventure and awesomeness. Be open to the unexpected - those are the moments that bring the best for us.

And then we were off... Next stop was Cienfuegos. We looked and looked and looked for the perfect spot for a drink. This was it. Beautiful view for a piña colada. Then we crashed a party downstairs. This was a bit of fun before our romantic dinner date on the town.

We spent one night in Cienfuegos with Roberto and his wife. We lucked out on casa particulars during our adventure. This place was perfect - great location, lovely rooms, great hosts and an amazing breakfast!

We'll be back! Love Cienfuegos!

Next stop was Remedios. What a stunning small town! We got to the center of town, had a couple of mojito's then found a casa particular for the night.

After we got settled into our casa particular we then drove to Cayo Santa Maria. It's about an hour drive from Remedios and definitely worth it! We went to the public beach. We had to hike a bit from the parking lot but this is what we saw after hiking for 10 minutes. Wow.

We chilled out on the beach, dipped our toes in the water and watched the kitesurfers.

We had dinner in the main square - our second cheapest meal of the trip and one of the most delicious. Here we are with our hosts... Again great location, lovely hosts, amazing breakfast... I'm gonna miss having the super yummy coffee in the morning! Oh and mango juice!

One more shot of downtown Remedios before leaving...

Small town traffic jam brought to you from Remedios, Cuba.

And then one more beach date... Here we are on our last night together back in Varadero enjoying some beach time.

Gotta love this cutie patootie!

And that's a wrap... One pretty stunning sunset with one pretty stunning guy... No complaints.

Last selfie of the trip... No more playing in the sand, dipping in the water or chilling on the beach for a bit. It's been an awesome adventure!

So now I'm back! Loved my time with Roly adventuring... 1 year married. Here's to many more years together filled with love, joy, happiness, possibility and adventure! And keep the unexpected happening. That's the stuff.

Here's to more adventures! And as always yay for love! xo

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