We rocked the Easter Crafternoon

Yesterday's Easter Crafternoon at the North Vancouver City Library was super sparkly and awesome! We had about 40 people show up to craft and well we rocked it.

We made baskets out of egg cartons, cereal boxes and paper towel rolls.

And we also had our resident craft renegade show up to make some origami magic happen.

Lots of happy crafters in the room...

And we had a wide variety of projects on the go.

Yup - this was the vibe of the afternoon... Sam was pretty stoked about crafting and making an Easter basket with his mom.

I had some adhesive letters that he used to add his name to his basket.

He was all about the basket, chocolates and getting crafty.

And Max also kicked some craft butt at the Crafternoon. He then was one of my most industrious helpers when we were cleaning up.

A couple of Easter baskets with a bunny and a chick.

This was a super powered basket with help from the renegade crafter.

Loads of bunnies were made, baskets, etc. We even tested our baskets by adding chocolate eggs to them.

It was a very industrious, harmonious bunch in the room.

A new crafter who made a quick DIY bunny plus took my paper towel roll basket filled with chocolate eggs home with her.

One of my regular crafters with his DIY Easter necklace....

And then one of his sons hamming it up.

Cereal boxes, sparkly duck tape and pipe cleaner handles were the look of the day.

Here's the final Easter themed origami project by Jose.

And another happy crafter who left with 4+ completed projects.

And my super awesome threesome who made some cutie patootie projects together.

Big thanks to everyone who dropped by for a craft date. Love my NVCL crafty peeps!

Next up is the book launch... I'm prepping some burlap bunting for the event this aft. Plus cutting out burlap for the crafty demo. We're making burlap bunting as the craft demo. Fun!

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