My interview with CBC Radio's Sheryl MacKay

After a bunch of emails back and forth over the past few months with Sheryl MacKay from CBC Radio's North by Northwest, we finally connected in person this week to talk about crafting with 'crap', Crafternoons and authoring a crafty book.

It's so darn kewl to be interviewed by the CBC and well Sheryl MacKay is my Saturday/Sunday morning wake up show. We go way back! It was definitely a FAB morning popping into the studio to tape the interview and meet with Sheryl. How often can you say that?!

The interview was AWESOME! Sheryl MacKay is such a lovely, genuine and fun lady. We chatted a bit before the interview then it was game time. After the interview, I signed a copy of 'Raw Crafts' for Sheryl to giveaway then she took this shot of me looking super pro and grown up. I actually look like I know what I'm doing! Imagine that.

Yup - Sheryl's my new BFF. I've definitely adopted her. Sometimes you meet people and feel like you've been friends for years. And that you could talk about anything and everything with them. She's one of those kind of peeps. The interview was a blast AND I made a new friend. It's a pretty darn awesome win-win.

So much thanks to Sheryl for the interview and helping me get the word out about crafting with 'crap', the awesomeness of Crafternoons and the craziness of being asked to author a book. Stay tuned for details on when the interview will be aired. They're also writing a web article to coincide with the interview. I love CBC!

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