A quick and dirty clipboard refresh

The time has come to revisit old projects and get them done... Finish the old, prep for the new, clean up the present. Well that's the plan anyways! I worked on a thrift store frame this week plus this half done clipboard update. My lovely $0.50 find from the North Vancouver Habitat for Humanity ReStore.

Awhile ago I started on this then lost steam. I decided to use a stencil plus some Sharpies to add some colour and flair to the clipboard.

For some reason I decided against the Sharpies and used a gel pen to add the design.

I traced the design...

Then filled it in.

It was off to an interesting start I thought.

But then I left it until this weekend. I found this card (I'm a sucker for swanky stationery, kewl quotes, etc) and knew it was perfect for my clipboard update.

I then went over the design with the gel pen and also added Sharpies to the motif. I used turquoise for the design then purple for the background.

This is where I got stumped before - I even added some coats of wood varnish to see what would happen. So many times crafting for me is some weird concoction or witches brew of steps and experimentation!

I sealed the gel pen and Sharpie design with a spray plus added a silver outline to the motif.

And here it is! I'll hang this on my living room wall maybe by my craft area. Love this quote!

And that was it - a zen-ful afternoon of getting crafty on one of those grey Raincouver days. Coffee + crafting + a rainy day = tons of fun!

Next up is a craft project from the book that didn't make the cut. I fixed it up this weekend - it involves a thrift store frame, tiles from the North Vancouver Habitat for Humanity ReStore and upcycled burlap. Turns out they make for a lovely combo!

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