New year, new gig, new vibe

2016 has started off with a new gig, a new vibe and a new outlook. Yay! I ended 2015 with a big work decision and luckily was able to easily start 2016 with a new gig. It's a contract with Capilano University. Such a great place to work AND you get free courses as part of your employment. I signed up to work towards the Community Capacity Building Citation and maybe I'll then put those credits toward the Community Leadership and Social Change Diploma.

This semester I'm taking the Foundation Skills in Community Development, an overview of the roles and responsibilities of community workers and skills in community organizing on selected social issues.

I'm super stoked to be learning more about community outreach and making a difference.

So far the class has been great! It's exciting to be back in school and working towards something I'm uber passionate about.

It's a mixture of group discussions, team brainstorming, reading and projects like this collage. It was a way of envisioning the type of leader we see ourselves as.

Learning new skills, meeting new people, building, growing... That's how 2016 is rockin' and rollin'. And I've found my maker peeps too... Capilano University is such a FAB place to work.

Here's to the beginnings of a great relationship! I've already signed up for another course... Like I said - new year, new gig, new vibe. Big time awesomeness!