Here's to 2016 - may it be more awesome than 2015

Happy new year! Hope you had a great night closing out 2015 and welcoming 2016! 2015 ended on a high note with my hat trick. Super stoked for the possibilities ahead of me in 2016.

Here's my most liked photos from Instagram - my #2015bestnine. It's all about the wedding, the crafty book and getting crafty. Surprise surprise!

Meanwhile I put together my own #2015bestnine... Family, friends, adventuring, crafting and love. The most fulfilling moments have nothing to do with stuff or money but of experiences and connections. I am so grateful for the bad, the good and the unexpected.

I also celebrated my 8 month wedding anniversary with Roly - I in Vancouver, he in Havana. I never thought I'd get married so I'm savouring everything about this adventure. I love how surprising life can be... Maybe they'll be more random awesome events that happen in 2016. It'll definitely be a year filled with firsts - first Xmas together, first New Years together, etc. Bring it on!

In 2016 I want to build on 2015 successes and be fearless in creating opportunities for more awesomeness. I'm putting myself out there and maybe... just maybe... 2016 will kick 2015's butt. First attempt at fearlessness was seeing if 32 Books in Edgemont Village will partner with me on a crafty book event. They ordered in 'Raw Crafts' for a coworker and they're all about supporting local. So maybe we can do something kewl together. Fingers crossed!

Best wishes for a year that gives you everything you hoped for, surprises you with things you didn't know were possible and that makes you pause in awe of what you have and can accomplish. I'm letting my freak flag fly and being the best version of myself. Nothing less will due. Happy 2016!

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