New year, new gig, new vibe

2016 has started off with a new gig, a new vibe and a new outlook. Yay! I ended 2015 with a big work decision and luckily was able to easily start 2016 with a new gig. It's a contract with Capilano University. Such a great place to work AND you get free courses as part of your employment. I signed up to work towards the Community Capacity Building Citation and maybe I'll then put those credits toward the Community Leadership and Social Change Diploma.

This semester I'm taking the Foundation Skills in Community Development, an overview of the roles and responsibilities of community workers and skills in community organizing on selected social issues.

I'm super stoked to be learning more about community outreach and making a difference.

So far the class has been great! It's exciting to be back in school and working towards something I'm uber passionate about.

It's a mixture of group discussions, team brainstorming, reading and projects like this collage. It was a way of envisioning the type of leader we see ourselves as.

Learning new skills, meeting new people, building, growing... That's how 2016 is rockin' and rollin'. And I've found my maker peeps too... Capilano University is such a FAB place to work.

Here's to the beginnings of a great relationship! I've already signed up for another course... Like I said - new year, new gig, new vibe. Big time awesomeness!


Textile block printing with The Craft Lab

This Sunday I attended a workshop led by Heather of The Craft Lab. It was a textile block printing class in Another Space at 1523 East Pender Street. It was a blast!

We started with a quick review of materials and different ways we could block print using found objects, DIY stamps or store-bought stamps.

Heather gave us some quick demos.

Then we got to play, test, try different stamping techniques, etc.

Here's my first test using wine corks, erasers and traditional stamps.

Here are some stamps I created. I tested, tested AND tested before committing to my final project - the canvas bag.

Lots of awesomeness was created.

Here I am with Heather (aka The Craft Lab) and new crafty peep Lindi.

My final project... A bit retro and funsie.

The circular stamps worked out really well. And the pink added a bit of pizzazz!

So overall a pretty darn FAB way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

And Another Space is a great place for getting crafty.

They have tons of events and happenings at Another Space... I'll definitely be back!

Big thanks to Heather for a super FAB workshop and to Another Space for hosting!


Having a blast with crafty peeps and macrame

I had my first Crafternoon of 2016 on Friday night. I partnered with the North Vancouver Community Arts Council for a Modern Macrame workshop as part of their Casual Friday Nights series on. We made macrame planters out of jute and thrift store finds then added gorgeous succulents.

Here's Tessa from North Vancouver Community Arts Council rocking it out with macrame.

A planter in progress. The beads are from Urban Source on Main Street. I painted them then added a coat of Mod Podge.

We were fun, we were focused, we were industrious... And we kicked macrame butt.

Adding some awesome spiral knots to our planter and lovin' it.

A funsie macrame planter for a Mason jar.

The team from North Vancouver Community Arts Council showing off their kick butt projects.

I LOVE succuclents. And macrame planters!

Once we finished our main project a few of us whipped up a second DIY. So much macrame love in the room!

A couple of finished projects.

And why not?! A macrame Mason jar with a candle in it.

Tessa rocked it. She made two very stunning macrame projects.

Here are all of our completed projects. A thing of beauty!

I love the range of finished projects that we came up with and everyone was happy with their planter. Yay!

Big thanks to all the participants for joining me and bringing their macrame mojo. And to North Vancouver Community Arts Council for the opportunity to craft with them.

Also thanks to Stacie at Dyhkof Nursuries for helping me choose some awesome succulents for the workshop!

Here's to Crafternoons, awesome partners and surrounding yourself with fun peeps to craft with.


I love my RotoVision peeps!

These guys ROCK! Every interaction I've had with RotoVision Books has been phenomenal. I've been in touch recently to work with them on posters for my upcoming book launch and author presentation. I feel so darn lucky I got to work with them on this whole book author adventure.

Today I just happened on their website and there I am... Well there 'Raw Crafts' is listed on their homepage. WOW! I'm just too legit to quit. I keep crossing my fingers AND toes that they ask me to work with them again.

Here's their offering of fashion and crafts books. Quite a collection and I am honoured to be part of their library of awesomeness.

Find me at www.rotovision.com/book/raw-crafts. And maybe... Just maybe... 2016 will bring other opportunities with RotoVision Books. A girl can always hope!


This Friday is Modern Macrame with NV Arts Council

This Friday is North Vancouver Community Arts Council's first installment in their series 'Casual Friday Nights', a relaxed evening adult art class where you leave the kids at home and bring your friends or partner for two hours of creativity and socializing.

And my class, 'Modern Macrame', is the initial class. We've still got room if you want to join us for macrame, upcycling and meeting new peeps. Sign up at www.nvartscouncil.ca.

If you're not into macrame there's tons of other nifty classes available... Gelatin prints, image transfer and more!

Hope to see you this Friday for macrame fun using jute, thrift store finds, old beads, buttons and anything else we can find to add some funk to our DIY planters.


Upcoming 'Raw Crafts' events & happenings

It seems so long ago that I was crafting like crazy for 'Raw Crafts' plus prepping for my wedding. Spring of 2015 was one jammed-packed time. And now the crafty book is out, it's time to set up some promo and celebrate all the awesomeness of being a first time author.

I've finalized a date for a book launch with the lovely peeps at the Book Warehouse on Main Street. The launch is Tuesday, March 22nd at 7pm. Stay tuned for details! I'll be meeting and greeting, signing books and giving a demo. Hope to see you there!

And then I'll be giving an author presentation at the North Vancouver City Library on Tuesday, March 29th from 7pm to 8:30pm. Not sure what this entails but I'll come up with something! I hope to have books available for purchase that I can also sign. Super stoked to revel in the goodness of this crafty book adventure with my local crafters and makers. Visit www.nvcl.ca for more details.

I'll post more info as I get it... I'll come up with fun demos for both events and also hope to share other promo or crafty events related to 'Raw Crafts' in the next while. Exciting times!


Casual Friday Nights with NV Community Arts Council

I'm feeling legit - my instructor profile with North Vancouver Community Arts Council is up! Very kewl! It's great to be connected with so many awesome community organizations especially the ones in my hood. These guys rock!

I'm part of their Casual Friday Nights series. Find all their Adult Art Classes at www.nvartscouncil.ca/education/adults. Sign up for one, two or more. There's tons to choose from. Plus they're reasonable... My Modern Macramé class is $35 for two hours of crafting with materials supplied.

Visit the North Vancouver Community Arts Council website for more info about my class Modern Macramé and maybe even register! Start 2016 learning something new, meeting other crafty peeps and getting to know the awesome team behind North Vancouver Community Arts Council.

Here's to the beginnings of a kick butt relationship with North Vancouver Community Arts Council. We're gonna make crafty, upcycling magic happen together this year.


Here's to 2016 - may it be more awesome than 2015

Happy new year! Hope you had a great night closing out 2015 and welcoming 2016! 2015 ended on a high note with my hat trick. Super stoked for the possibilities ahead of me in 2016.

Here's my most liked photos from Instagram - my #2015bestnine. It's all about the wedding, the crafty book and getting crafty. Surprise surprise!

Meanwhile I put together my own #2015bestnine... Family, friends, adventuring, crafting and love. The most fulfilling moments have nothing to do with stuff or money but of experiences and connections. I am so grateful for the bad, the good and the unexpected.

I also celebrated my 8 month wedding anniversary with Roly - I in Vancouver, he in Havana. I never thought I'd get married so I'm savouring everything about this adventure. I love how surprising life can be... Maybe they'll be more random awesome events that happen in 2016. It'll definitely be a year filled with firsts - first Xmas together, first New Years together, etc. Bring it on!

In 2016 I want to build on 2015 successes and be fearless in creating opportunities for more awesomeness. I'm putting myself out there and maybe... just maybe... 2016 will kick 2015's butt. First attempt at fearlessness was seeing if 32 Books in Edgemont Village will partner with me on a crafty book event. They ordered in 'Raw Crafts' for a coworker and they're all about supporting local. So maybe we can do something kewl together. Fingers crossed!

Best wishes for a year that gives you everything you hoped for, surprises you with things you didn't know were possible and that makes you pause in awe of what you have and can accomplish. I'm letting my freak flag fly and being the best version of myself. Nothing less will due. Happy 2016!