Gifting my 'Raw Crafts' projects

The time has come to pass on the crafty goodness. There's really only so much room in my place and the projects from 'Raw Crafts' need to be gifted to happy homes. Sharing IS caring.

First was gifting these burlap lavender sachets. These went to a new buddy Susanna. I left them at her work as a surprise. Hopefully she likes them!

Then I gifted this burlap pillow to my buddy Chris. The pillow is a little bit country and a little bit rock 'n roll. Just like Chris! They're the perfect combo! And it was his birthday so even better!

I gifted this to a friend's daughter... She was receiving a copy of the book for Xmas so the bag seemed like a great way to wrap the present. Still love the upcycled belt handle...

And the funky easy peasy felt pocket.

My burlap ornaments and bunny have found new homes. The bunny went to my old boss at Quest University Canada. She's expecting a baby and I thought the bunny would be perfect decor for the nursery.

Next item I gifted was this wine cork tray. This went to neighbours who bought the book plus who are big time wine lovers... I feel like I'm a matchmaker finding the perfect happy homes for my crafts. So much fun!

A few other items looking for homes include this burlap pinboard...

A burlap organizer...

A burlap lunch bag. I have a couple of these to gift. Yay! One bag is gone to a coworker who bought the book. Love this whole 'sharing is caring' thang.

My kick butt wreath is looking for a home...

Purging the crafty goodness has been a ton of fun! Plus it'll free my place for new DIYs and projects. It's a win-win!

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