NS News Feature about 'Raw Crafts'

A few weeks ago I met with Barb Lunter from the North Shore News. We met for coffee, she checked out my book and then she committed to writing an article about me, TBD, Crafternoons and the crafty book. It's kewl when things just work out so easily. Barb is super awesome and the article ended up being pretty darn lovely.

While Barb was working on the article, the North Shore News sent over their trusty photographer Mike Wakefield. I've met with Mike before - he shot photos of me for an article about Culture Days back when I was the BC Ambassador.

We met, we took photos then we documented our time together in this goofy shot for Instagram.

The article came out on November 11th. You can find the full article at www.nsnews.com. Big thanks to Barb and the North Shore News for helping me get the word out about TBD and my crafty book, 'Raw Crafts'.

And tons of gratitude to Mike for this photo. I've decided to update all of my online profile photos to this one. I feel kind of grown up and pro in it. Who'd have thunk it?!

In other news, my peeps at RotoVision ROCK. I'm getting more copies of the crafty book this week. Those will go to the peeps who helped me with the book - Lee at Agro Cafe (my burlap sac gal), Aren at the Lions Gate Thrift Shop, Amy at my local Michaels... And a copy for my sister. One has already been sent off to Havana for Roly, my awesome husband. And my Dad immediately commandeered a copy. Gotta love proud parents!

So here's to more book authoring adventures... Fingers crossed I get to work with RotoVision Books again sometime soon! They seem keen according to Twitter. Yay!

Next up? I'm hoping to seal the deal with CBC Radio for a bit of promo. Exciting times!

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