Succulents & macrame planters

I'm lovin' my plethora of succulents these days. And they're lovin' me I think. These guys are blooming. So happy to report after 2 weeks away all my plants are still rockin' and rollin'.

Next up was finding more thrift store finds to turn into planters like these guys.

I planted some hens and chicks into these thrift store glasses. Love the colour of the glaze.

I hope my hens and chicks are happy... And get growing soon.

Succulents are awesome!

An easy peasy planter for your succulents.

So now it was time to make some samples for an upcoming macrame planter workshop with Bird on a Wire Creations. First stop was Dykhof Nurseries and Florist for more succulents.

These are the ones I picked up.

I also picked up supplies from the North Vancouver Habitat for Humanity ReStore - a glass light cover, old nuts and other miscellaneous hardware.

For $1 I got these rusty nuts, bolts and washers...

And this is what I came up with... Planter sample one is a macrame planter using the upcycled glass light cover and old hardware.

I used the hardware as bling.

Another shot of the bling... I think it works!

I planted the succulent and was done!

Next up was planter sample two using an upcycled Mason jar.

Jute, metal washers and a Mason jar... Total macrame magic!

I also added beads from a thrift store necklace then a bit of soil, a couple of succulent trimmings... Awesomeness!

The metal washers turned out to be great additions for this planter.

And planter sample three...

I used a shell I found on the beach in Tofino as my bling plus some thrift store finds - beads and the glass container.

I added my succulents and was done!

To register for the Macrame Plant Hanger Crafternoon visit www.birdonawirecreations.com. Hope to see you there!

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