One spooky Crafternoon at NVCL

This Saturday I got to craft with my NVCL peeps. We had one darn spooky and awesome Crafternoon where we upcycled egg cartons, milk cartons, toilet paper rolls and more into masks, crowns and anything else that hit our fancy.

First off I tried a few sample projects... A mask out of an upcycled egg carton, another unsuccessful project out of upcycled toilet paper rolls that will remain unnamed and then this kick butt toilet paper roll crown. I am officially the Queen of the Crafternoon and unofficially I just like making stuff out of 'junk' and crafting with my peeps.

The upcycling workshops at the North Vancouver City Library are supported by a Neighbourhood Small Grant through Vancouver Foundation.

We had 40+ participants - regulars and a few new peeps.

The DIY crowns were a hat then people started making scary, googly-eyed cats out of the sponge brushes. Lots of crafty inspiration was happening.

I had left over fun fur from my piƱata making that came in handy for the crowns. Handy yet a bit messy as well. Fun fur ended up EVERYWHERE.

Here's the girl who took over my crown and title of Queen of the Crafternoon. She also was part cat with the mask her Dad helped her craft.

Sponge brush creatures...

A very fuzzy wuzzy egg carton mask.

Happy crafters...

And the renegade crafter popped in and put together this origami memorial for Remembrance Day.

We had loads of princesses...

I even got the gift of a crown. You can always be the Queen of the Crafternoon.

And some of us did our own crafty thang. That's how we roll... Make what you want with the materials that are available.

Spooky 9-legged egg carton spiders. Apparently they had to be 9-legged - not 8 or 10 but 9.

Awww love my cutie patootie crafters! Wallpaper samples, scrap vinyl and fun fur make one kewl Halloween basket.

New crafty peep with completed projects...

More crafty awesomeness... And we're ready for Xmas with a red and white pipe cleaner basket.

Big thanks to everyone who joined me for a fantastic afternoon of crafting! You guys ROCK!

Next upcycling workshop at the North Vancouver City Library is December 5th, 1:30pm to 3:30pm. See you there!

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