Feeling the crafty love!

What a week! I've had some craft fails lately - I had to cancel two Crafternoons due to low registration. One at Homesteader's Emporium and one at Bird on a Wire Creations. I was bummed but I knew crafty goodness was on its way. Or that sometimes these things happen to make you available for other possibilities. Who knows! Needless to say I am still feeling the glow of awesomeness around me.

This week I found out my FAV library bought my crafty book so if you don't want to buy Raw Crafts you can now borrow it from the North Vancouver City Library. My NVCL peeps are pretty darn fabulous!

And then Kate and her team at Bird on a Wire Creations wrote up a very sweet blog post about me, TBD and Raw Crafts. Feeling the love!

Next up I'm working on more book promo. Eh gad I am so outta my realm but I'll see what I can do. I'd love to write another crafty book so here's hoping I can make it happen. Meanwhile I'm back to writing up some DIYs for LowerLonsdale.ca. My latest is my FAV project - DIY wine cork jewelry.

And then every week you can receive The Makers Nation's Vancouver Digest curated by me. Sign up at www.themakersnation.com.

BTW I also sent out my latest TinyLetter. Find it at The lull before the storm.

Thanks to everyone who have been part of my TBD adventure! Despite the pitfalls, the craft fails, etc., I wouldn't trade this year and all the crafty goodness for anything!

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