Piñata making and birthday parties

Friday was the birthday party I was asked to craft at. Thankfully my ten cat piñata bases were ready to go. Feet, ears and tails were added.

I used cereal boxes for the ears...

Newspaper for the tails and toilet paper rolls for the feet.

Not the simplest or quickest project but something worthy of trying!

And then we had the birthday party. We painted them, added fun fur, etc. We had one piñata break - oops! Once we popped the balloons then we were A-OK! Phew...

This girl had to redo her piñata. Thankfully I made a couple of extras!

We added faces and some bling.

Then got the glue gun out to add fun fur, gems and...


Overall it was a good experience but I definitely picked a project that was too time consuming.

Maybe one day soon I'll attempt decorating my own piñata and filling it with sugary goodness. But for now making ten at once may have been a bit too much for a first attempt!

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