Easy peasy thrift store planters

I'm deep in workshop prep... One birthday party next week and two Crafternoons on the weekend. It's going to be busy! And then I'm away for an adventure. Phew!

I'm testing out new DIYs for upcoming Crafternoons. One is making hanging planters out of thrift store t-shirts and glasses. Here's my first try - it turned out well. I might try making thinner t-shirt yarn next time so I can add beads or buttons.

All you need for this DIY is an old t-shirt, a glass (I used a small round glass which is perfect for adding plants to), a wooden ring (found in any craft store) and then soil/plants/etc.

First step wash your thrift store t-shirt then get ready to cut yarn.

I would cut strips at half an inch to one inch in width. You can easily create a continuous piece of t-shirt yarn but I was using up a t-shirt I had already cut. I cut strips then knotted the pieces together to create longer lengths of yarn. You'll need five lengths of yarn - four for the hanger and one to wrap the base. The lengths of yarn should be four feet in total or longer.

Stretch the strips of t-shirt to create the yarn. Also tie your pieces if need be to create longer lengths of yarn.

Now fold the pieces in half then pull the folded end through your wooden ring. Then pull the ends through the loop. This is a lark's head knot. You'll do this for all four pieces of t-shirt yarn.

Now that we've added the yarn to our wooden ring it's time to create the hanger. First step is a row of knots. Take a piece of yarn from each pair of hanging pieces. You want to take pieces from each pair and knot them to a piece from another pair. I added my knots six inches from the top. Depending on the length of your yarn you can add the knots higher or lower.

Note: you can leave the knots a bit loose until you're finished just in case you want to adjust the placement.

Now add another knot three to four inches below the first one. Change partners - yup it's like square dancing! This will create the hanger for the container and will keep it in place. So switch partners then we'll finish up the bottom.

Tie off the end two to three inches down from your second row of knots. I used one of the ends to wrap around the others then knotted it.

I then used the fifth length of t-shirt yarn to wrap around the bottom and enclose the bottom of the hanger. Feel free to experiment. I also added beads. Next time I'll make the yarn thinner so I can add more beads, jewelry or buttons. It's a great way to add some bling to your hanger.

Here it is - my quick and dirty hanging planter out of 'junk'. I added a succulent. Succulents ROCK!

The succulent should flourish in the glass container.

I added some buds from a hens and chicks succulent I bought awhile ago.

Here it is... How to upcycle thrift store finds into a super cute hanging planter. Yay!

Next up? I'm making piñata bases, back to school crafts and baskets. Crafty crafty!

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