Adventures in papier-mâché & piñata making

My latest crafty DIY to test out is... Papier-mâché and piñata making. Why? Because I'm crafting with a bunch of kids for a birthday party later this week and we're decorating piñatas. Before the party I'm building the bases that kids then add their own design to. All the bases will be cat bodies - hopefully!

I started with blowing up balloons then using masking tape to connect the body with the head. Next was making the right mixture of flour and water then adding the first layer of papier-mâché. I used the recipe here for the mixture.

Holy smokers! It's a very time-consuming yet relaxing process. I'm building ten bases even though there's only eight kids. One will be a sample and it's always good to have an extra just in case. First was the initial layer on the attached balloons.

Then I came up with a plan for the cats - upcycled cereal boxes for the ears and a collar, upcycled toilet paper rolls for the legs then upcycled newspaper for the tail. Plus I need to add some swanky twine for hanging the piñata.

Next I added the feet and ears. I'll let the bases dry then I'll attach the tail and hanger before the next layer of papier-mâché. Once dry then I can paint, glue, glitterize, etc.

They don't look like much now but here's hoping they look like cats in the end. Or even another animal if need be. I'm also going to attempt an owl piñata out of a single balloon. Why not!

Fingers and toes are crossed these are dry tomorrow night for the next layer. Time to get my craft mojo in high gear. One week till I'm away and three Crafternoons this weekend. Countdown is on for seeing my husband and adventuring together... And crafting with some kewl kids before I go. Definitely living the life!

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