My DIYs on LoLo now easier to find

The awesome team at LowerLonsdale.ca recently redesigned their website. It's looking uber FAB and they've made it easier for you to find contributors like me. You can find each contributor then see all the articles they've written. Here I am with all my kookie DIYs. Nothing says kewl like making stuff out of 'junk'. You can find me at LowerLonsdale.ca/author/denisec.

And today I posted an oldie but a goodie... Wall art out of old CD cases and cereal boxes. Find it at DIY: Upcycled Wall Art.

My LowerLonsdale.ca peeps are also helping me promo a couple of things... The upcoming fashion show with Lions Gate Thrift Shop and my crafty book. Those guys are total awesomeness!

Stay tuned for more DIYs with LowerLonsdale.ca.

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