My book, Raw Crafts, is online

I have news about the book I authored in the spring... It's online!! WOW!! I didn't realize it until for some reason I did one of those super serendipitous Google searches and look what popped up...

The book is on Amazon, Indigo, Barnes and Noble, etc...

And of course on the Lark Crafts website since they're the US publisher for the crafty book.

Here it is... This was my early 2015 gig... My 'real' job, wedding prep and DIY-ing like crazy for 'Raw Crafts' made for a pretty overwhelming time but so worth it!

Here's hoping it does well and I get paid to craft again. That's a dream gig! Especially since I worked with kick butt peeps at Rotovision. They were truly the easiest, nicest and funnest people to work with!

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