More Crafternoon Testimonials

I've added a couple more testimonials to my Thrifty By Design website. Both from Crafternoon partners. Hoping to add more from Crafternoon participants soon. Feeling the crafty love these days. Even received some awesome feedback from my peeps at RotoVision Books who worked with me on the crafty book. Here's hoping book #2, etc comes along. That would make 2015 even more spectacular.

First testimonial is from Emily who was my partner from the Edible Garden Project for my GardenSmart workshop, Garden Upcycling: Make a Burlap Hanging Planter. Here's Emily with my partner-in-craft, my Mom.

Emily Jubenvill
Manager, Edible Garden Project, North Shore Neighbourhood House

Denise was a super enthusiastic and organized instructor. We really enjoyed having her participate in our workshop series, and although we hadn't included hands-on upcycling in our workshops before it was a big hit. Denise brings passion, a clear teaching style, and lots of enthusiasm to her work! Thank you Denise!

Next testimonial is from Kelsey, the Community Engagement Coordinator at Homesteader's Emporium. Super kick butt to work with - easy going and knows how to get things done. Love my crafty partners!

Kelsey Cham Corbett
Community Engagement Coordinator, Homesteader's Emporium

Denise is a a very generous, patient and open human being who also happens to be super talented at crafting. Denise recently taught a Crafternoon class for kids and adults here at Homesteader's Emporium, and everyone loved it! Kids made little planters with upcycled burlap sacs and old recyclables and were given a choice of succulent cuttings to plant in them. Denise brought tons of goodies for folks to decorate and personalize their planters - buttons, necklaces, textured fabrics, ribbons, so many things! She encouraged the young ones to help each other out, and supported them to feel comfortable trying new things - like trying the glue gun.

I personally really appreciate adults who prioritize allowing kids to guide themselves when doing art projects, and Denise is this type of person. Because she let people direct their own projects while supporting them when they needed it, everyone created planters that told stories and reflected their individual personalities, like the kid who decided to hide "treasure" in the potting soil. Denise's workshops are great! One seven-year-old even told his big sister it was his second favorite thing they had ever done together!

If you've partnered or participated in a Crafternoon and want to send me a testimonial, email me at denise@thriftybydesign.ca. I'd love to hear from you!

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