Finally a new look and attitude for TBD

Phew! I finally got around to not only redesigning my TBD website but rethinking my logo, tagline and site content. I added to this, removed that and redid a lot of what I had online. I wanted a cleaner design, easier site architecture and a new logo that was more me than my initial one. I'm pretty stoked with the finished logo and website refresh. The content may need a bit more tweeking but so far, so good.

The website has a lot of black text on white with tons of photos. You can find info about me and TBD, upcoming events, latest news, how to stay in touch and soon I'll post more about the crafty book. Find the website at www.thriftybydesign.ca.

I then updated my Twitter header... New logo (of course hearts for the i's - I have a 'thing' for hearts) and my new tagline - Crafter, Upcycler, Facilitator & Author. That's me in a nutshell.

And then my Facebook banner...

And as you can see I updated my blog interface so it's consistent with my website redesign. I've been busy! But definitely having fun coming up with a new, funsie look for Thrifty By Design. And using my nerdy skills... I was able to do all of the design, content and development myself. I'm not a high end web designer and developer but I can hack my way through it.

Next up? Tweeking the content on my website, adding more testimonials and hopefully adding more Crafternoons to my upcoming events. Plus I'll be posting info about the crafty book and the impending book launch par-tees.

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