My DIYs on LoLo now easier to find

The awesome team at LowerLonsdale.ca recently redesigned their website. It's looking uber FAB and they've made it easier for you to find contributors like me. You can find each contributor then see all the articles they've written. Here I am with all my kookie DIYs. Nothing says kewl like making stuff out of 'junk'. You can find me at LowerLonsdale.ca/author/denisec.

And today I posted an oldie but a goodie... Wall art out of old CD cases and cereal boxes. Find it at DIY: Upcycled Wall Art.

My LowerLonsdale.ca peeps are also helping me promo a couple of things... The upcoming fashion show with Lions Gate Thrift Shop and my crafty book. Those guys are total awesomeness!

Stay tuned for more DIYs with LowerLonsdale.ca.


More Crafternoon Testimonials

I've added a couple more testimonials to my Thrifty By Design website. Both from Crafternoon partners. Hoping to add more from Crafternoon participants soon. Feeling the crafty love these days. Even received some awesome feedback from my peeps at RotoVision Books who worked with me on the crafty book. Here's hoping book #2, etc comes along. That would make 2015 even more spectacular.

First testimonial is from Emily who was my partner from the Edible Garden Project for my GardenSmart workshop, Garden Upcycling: Make a Burlap Hanging Planter. Here's Emily with my partner-in-craft, my Mom.

Emily Jubenvill
Manager, Edible Garden Project, North Shore Neighbourhood House

Denise was a super enthusiastic and organized instructor. We really enjoyed having her participate in our workshop series, and although we hadn't included hands-on upcycling in our workshops before it was a big hit. Denise brings passion, a clear teaching style, and lots of enthusiasm to her work! Thank you Denise!

Next testimonial is from Kelsey, the Community Engagement Coordinator at Homesteader's Emporium. Super kick butt to work with - easy going and knows how to get things done. Love my crafty partners!

Kelsey Cham Corbett
Community Engagement Coordinator, Homesteader's Emporium

Denise is a a very generous, patient and open human being who also happens to be super talented at crafting. Denise recently taught a Crafternoon class for kids and adults here at Homesteader's Emporium, and everyone loved it! Kids made little planters with upcycled burlap sacs and old recyclables and were given a choice of succulent cuttings to plant in them. Denise brought tons of goodies for folks to decorate and personalize their planters - buttons, necklaces, textured fabrics, ribbons, so many things! She encouraged the young ones to help each other out, and supported them to feel comfortable trying new things - like trying the glue gun.

I personally really appreciate adults who prioritize allowing kids to guide themselves when doing art projects, and Denise is this type of person. Because she let people direct their own projects while supporting them when they needed it, everyone created planters that told stories and reflected their individual personalities, like the kid who decided to hide "treasure" in the potting soil. Denise's workshops are great! One seven-year-old even told his big sister it was his second favorite thing they had ever done together!

If you've partnered or participated in a Crafternoon and want to send me a testimonial, email me at denise@thriftybydesign.ca. I'd love to hear from you!


Upcoming fashion show with Lions Gate Thrift Shop

Here's a shout out to my awesome peeps at the Lions Gate Hospital Thrift Shop... They're having a fashion show on September 15th from 12:30pm to 1:30pm at my most favourite library. Definitely worth going. The show features thrift store finds, some of the FAB volunteers and an opportunity to support a local organization. It's a win-win.

Here are some photos from last year's event. My buddy Alice rockin' it in a red floral dress...

Another killer outfit...

Loads of fun to be had...

Dressy or casual, night or day... There's something for everyone!

And so many fun personalities to meet!

Get your tickets at the Lions Gate Hospital Thrift Store at 128 West 15th Street in North Vancouver. It's going to be a blast!


My book, Raw Crafts, is online

I have news about the book I authored in the spring... It's online!! WOW!! I didn't realize it until for some reason I did one of those super serendipitous Google searches and look what popped up...

The book is on Amazon, Indigo, Barnes and Noble, etc...

And of course on the Lark Crafts website since they're the US publisher for the crafty book.

Here it is... This was my early 2015 gig... My 'real' job, wedding prep and DIY-ing like crazy for 'Raw Crafts' made for a pretty overwhelming time but so worth it!

Here's hoping it does well and I get paid to craft again. That's a dream gig! Especially since I worked with kick butt peeps at Rotovision. They were truly the easiest, nicest and funnest people to work with!


Another Kids Summer Crafternoon at NVCL

Friday afternoon was my second upcycling workshop with the children's department at the North Vancouver City Library. We had 25+ participants making mobiles out of upcycled cereal boxes.

We had new participants who made kewl stuff out of 'junk'.

We had a couple Star Wars mobiles...

This mobile included an outdoor fire and a parachuter...

Plus a house...

My new crafty BFF joined in the fun.

And this girl made a couple of mobiles...

She hammed it up for the camera with her completed projects.

This little guy was super stoked with his very blingy mobile.

Craft dates are the best!

More craft dates and completed mobiles.

New crafty peeps with their finished mobiles... They used junk jewelry and old buttons for theirs.

Two kick butt Star Wars mobiles...

A couple of my regular crafters...

Another Crafternoon regular with her completed mobile.

What an awesome group we had and we kicked so much craft butt.

Awwww total cutie patootie with her house, parachuter and outdoor fire mobile.

Not the best photo but here we are - team craft killin' it!

Big thanks to everyone who crafted with me on Friday. And thanks NVCL for being such a great partner in craft. You guys rock!

No more Crafternoons til September. So nice to be back in my happy, crafty place. Find upcoming upcycling workshops at www.thriftybydesign.ca.


TBD workshop at the 2015 THESA Conference

A couple of months ago I was asked to submit a workshop proposal for the 2015 THESA Conference. The theme of this year's conference is "Home Economics: The heart of education". And good news - my proposal was approved. Yay!

I'll be giving a class called Crafting with 'Crap': Teaching Students the Joy of Upcycling. The class is dependent on whether conference participants register. Fingers crossed! If it goes ahead then I'll be giving a workshop to Home Ec teachers from across BC. Pretty darn neato!

The conference lineup includes a few notable crafty peeps. I'm in great company! The Queen of Green, Kim Werker (aka Mighty Ugly) and Tasia St. Germaine (aka Sewaholic Patterns) are also onboard.

Here's my workshop listing... What a year! So many Crafternoons, teaching, writing and now an upcycling workshop at a conference. Things are happening!

The conference isn't until October 23rd. I've got a few Crafternoons beforehand then a trip to see Roly. We're planning our next adventure... Yay for crafting, love (having an awesome husband is da bomb) and adventures.


Latest TinyLetter is full of upcoming Crafternoon dates

It's been a couple of months since my latest TinyLetter update and lots has happened - new partners, more Crafternoons and a new look for TBD. Get the info at Bring on the Crafternoons or subscribe at www.tinyletter.com/ThriftyByDesign.

Meanwhile I set up a TBD page on www.about.me. Find me at www.about.me/ThriftyByDesign.

Next up is prepping for my upcoming upcycling workshop. It's with North Vancouver City Library on Friday, August 21st from 1:30pm to 3:30pm. Register at www.nvcl.ca. Find more upcoming Crafternoons at www.thriftybydesign.ca.


Finally a new look and attitude for TBD

Phew! I finally got around to not only redesigning my TBD website but rethinking my logo, tagline and site content. I added to this, removed that and redid a lot of what I had online. I wanted a cleaner design, easier site architecture and a new logo that was more me than my initial one. I'm pretty stoked with the finished logo and website refresh. The content may need a bit more tweeking but so far, so good.

The website has a lot of black text on white with tons of photos. You can find info about me and TBD, upcoming events, latest news, how to stay in touch and soon I'll post more about the crafty book. Find the website at www.thriftybydesign.ca.

I then updated my Twitter header... New logo (of course hearts for the i's - I have a 'thing' for hearts) and my new tagline - Crafter, Upcycler, Facilitator & Author. That's me in a nutshell.

And then my Facebook banner...

And as you can see I updated my blog interface so it's consistent with my website redesign. I've been busy! But definitely having fun coming up with a new, funsie look for Thrifty By Design. And using my nerdy skills... I was able to do all of the design, content and development myself. I'm not a high end web designer and developer but I can hack my way through it.

Next up? Tweeking the content on my website, adding more testimonials and hopefully adding more Crafternoons to my upcoming events. Plus I'll be posting info about the crafty book and the impending book launch par-tees.


Arty Party in Civic Plaza

This Thursday was the Arty Party in Civic Plaza organized by North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission (NVRC). And I was in charge of the crafty booth. We upcycled wine corks... Lots and lots of wine corks. It was a blast! It was busy, fun and we diverted an initial craft crisis.

I saw regulars from my North Vancouver City Library Crafternoons plus made new crafty peeps. A great night indeed!

And loads of awesome wine cork projects...

Big thanks to NVRC for inviting me to craft at the Arty Party. Hope to craft with them more in the future!


More Crafternoon dates confirmed!

2015 is becoming quite awesome for TBD... So much so that it's time to redesign my website, blog and social media channels. Time to refresh the look, revisit the content and figure out how I can grow this side gig further.

But first I have more upcycling workshops to add to my roster of Crafternoons! I confirmed my fall dates for 3 more upcycling workshops with the North Vancouver City Library. These workshops are part of my Neighbourhood Small Grant through Vancouver Foundation.

The dates are:

Back to School Crafternoon: Sunday, September 13th, 1:30pm to 3:30pm
Halloween Crafternoon: Saturday, October 24th, 1:30pm to 3:30pm
Xmas Crafternoon: Saturday, December 5th, 1:30pm to 3:30pm

I also confirmed two upcycling workshops with Bird on a Wire Creations on Main Street. Register at www.birdonawirecreations.com.

The dates are:

Macrame Plant Hanger Workshop: Saturday, October 17th, 10:30am to 12:30pm
Upcycled Xmas Crafts: Saturday, November 21st, 10:30am to 12:30pm

And big time wow! I'm at 23 upcycling workshops for 2015 so far. Plus the night class, Crafting with 'Crap'. And then the crafty book. Best Thrifty By Design year yet!

Hope to see you at one of my upcoming upcycling workshops! Looking forward to crafting with my peeps. And stay tuned for my TBD website, blog, etc redo.