Yup more macrame and succulent love

This week I got 'grown up'... Or at least did something I thought I would NEVER do... I went to a nursery and bought plants and soil. My Mom (an avid gardener who is most likely in shock with my recent adventure into plants and macrame) suggested I drop by Dykhof Nurseries and Florist for succulents, soil, help, inspiration. And so I went...

They had a pretty good selection of succulents. I bought these two - a Sedum Coca Cola and an Ice Plant.

And some cactus soil. I was going to buy rocks for the bottom of my containers but I was told the rocks were unnecessary plus a small bag of rocks was $10. Yikes...

And then a quick stop at the North Vancouver Habitat for Humanity ReStore where I found these awesome containers. The 4 items cost $1.50 and I thought they would be fun for my mini macrame hanging planters. Total score!

I made this mini macrame hanging planter using a wooden ring and beads from Michaels then some rope I had from previous crafts which ended up being perfect! With a bit of time and patience, I made this awesome hanger.

Yay for beautiful succulents!!

Easy peasy macrame makes me a very happy crafty girl.

Meanwhile I upcycled a vintage creamer I bought at the thrift store ages ago and planted some succulents in it. Why not! Yes I am truly addicted to making these simple yet gorgeous homes for succulents.

I've placed all of my projects in my kitchen window and with all the sunshine lately these guys are blooming. So stoked!!

Next I'll post my burlap planter. It's a sample DIY for an upcoming workshop for kids I have with the lovely peeps at Homesteader's Emporium.

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