Thrift store find now gorgeous teak planter

Nothing says awesome like reloved thrift store finds and succulents. Seriously... My addiction to all things green is growing. I found this $0.50 teak container at the Salvation Army this week. I'm assuming it's a pencil holder. I thought it could make the perfect planter.

After a bit of sanding I added olive oil to the wood then wiped off the excess oil. Olive oil is perfect for adding a gorgeous finish to teak.

I love the curved rim. Such a nice, subtle detail.

Next I added a plastic bag to the inside and trimmed the plastic still leaving enough for the plastic to cover the rim.

I then added soil and trimmed the plastic so it lined up with the rim.

And then I added trimmings from my succulent. I thought the Sedum Coca Cola from Dykhof Nurseries was a lovely partner for the teak.

I've added a bit water and now I'll wait to see if the succulent roots and grows. Ya gotta love how resilient succulents are. They're good plants for people like me who have minimal gardening know how!

And it's really that easy! And maybe cost $2 in total.

I ended up replanting this guy too using a glass vase from the thrift store. The planter I had it in broke with the roots growing out the bottom. We'll see if this container works out.

Next up? Finishing up some macrame samples for an upcoming workshop. Nothing is more zen-ful than macrame. Seriously! Best Sunday DIY ever.

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