The end of one big awesome crafty adventure

Well it's official... My work on the crafty book is done. I read over the proof last weekend and sent in my final edits, typos, etc. And so now it's time to move on to other crafty adventures. Like figuring out that whole book launch thang.

The publisher sent back my sample projects... 4 months of DIYing and writing all packed into one big cardboard box. 2015 is so crazy good thus far. 6 months in and I've taught a night class, gotten married and written a crafty book. Pretty amazing and intense to say the least!

And I finally got around to cleaning and organizing my place. I have tons of craft supplies so this is clean and organized for me.

So excited to share the book with everyone. It looks pretty darn grown up and professional. I'm hoping to set up a book launch in North Vancouver, one over town and even one on the Sunshine Coast if I can. Counting down to the big reveal!

Meanwhile my addiction to macrame, succulents and all things green keeps growing. I'm filling up thrift store finds with dirt and succulents... And lovin' it.

Stay tuned for details about the crafty book, upcoming workshops and maybe some bigger announcements. Who knows! This year it feels like anything can happen. So darn wonderful!

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