Yay for macrame and succulents!

I am officially in love with macrame. Who knew?! A bit of jute, maybe some beads plus a few free minutes and you can make awesome stuff. So exciting!

I had a macrame adventure yesterday. I bought some glass containers from the thrift store this week. Each costing $0.50 like this one.

I love this candle holder with the cracked glass.

Here are my mini containers soon to be plant holders.

One very cute succulent for $5 and I was good to go!

I started with the green container. I added lark knots to a strip of jute.

I tied the strip of jute around the rim of the green glass container then added single knots to the jute to wrap the container. So darn easy!

I then tied the jute ends into a sing knot then added hangers. I took part of my succulent and planted it into the container. Cute!

I also wrapped the rim with a length of jute. And it was done in a jiffy!

Next I added a jute macrame hanger to the cracked glass container then planted part of the succulent. I love this container. It looks so elegant!

I used a wooden ring for hanging the planter then a bead and some square knots. Then used single knots to create the basket part of the hanger. I then knotted all the loose cords at the bottom. Easy peasy!

And then I ran out of jute. So I have one more to do once I have more jute then I'm gifting these to friends. They're really sweet. And simple to make!

Yay for macrame! It really is a ton of fun and looks awesome!

Meanwhile I bought this bag of metal cookie cutters for $0.50. What a score! I love the duck and fish cutters... Perfect for crafting!

Happy Saturday everyone!

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