Love my crafty peeps!

So great to be settling back into my routine... Prepping for Crafternoons, connecting with my crafty peeps and hitting a few local events here and there. Phew! I've been MIA for awhile now with the crafty book and then getting ready for the wedding/honeymoon adventure.

Last week I dropped off my DIY burlap hanging planters to AGRO Café. I wanted to make a couple for Lee whose been awesome for donating TONS of burlap sacs for my Crafternoons and other projects. I stitched up the baskets and my Mom planted the flowers. They look super pretty!

And then I met with my most awesome agents, Nigel and Ben from Integral Artists. They rock! They're trying to look tough and kewl in the photo but they're big softies and so much fun. They've been great helping me with the book deal and we're working on some bigger plans for 2015. Yay!

And then up to Quest University Canada to see my peeps. Hard to believe I worked there for 8+ years... Hopefully I'll be teaching another night class in the future. That was fun! Here are a couple of my favourite peeps... So much love for Dee and Birgit.

And finally I've got to get my DIY mojo back for LowerLonsdale.ca. I have a few posts in the cue but have not been the best team player. Hopefully they still love me. They're an awesome team!

Next up? Seeing my super FAB Crafternoon peeps on Saturday at the North Vancouver City Library. Hope to see a few of my regulars. Now to prep!

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