Dinner with my wedding peeps

Last week we had a reunion. My Mom wanted to have my lovely wedding team/BFFs over for dinner to share memories, photos and yummy food. She's adopted Diana and Marnie just like I have. Great friends are the stuff of life... Plus an awesome husband!

Here's Dad surrounded by beautiful women... No wonder he looks so happy!

Dad with Diana and Marnie... Love these ladies!

And then Diana got to see Dad's handy work when it comes to photography, writing and crafty projects.

Diana gave me a disc of all her photos from our wedding adventure to Cuba. She captured some awesome and touching moments from the day. So thankful she was there to help document the wedding and reception.

Here's me after my make up person took an hour to make me look pretty for the wedding. I never EVER wear a lot of make up so this is a bit over the top for me. Eyebrows coloured, base and foundation galore... Feeling and looking like a bride to be.

Here's a great shot of the vintage convertible I rode around Havana in.

A contemplative moment... We were waiting, waiting AND waiting once I was in the dress and ready to go. There is regular time, Cuban time and even Roly time... They don't always sync up too well.

Marnie and I...

Me in the rented dress...

A beautiful shot of Mom and I. This is definitely frame worthy!

And a teeny tiny bit of love before the ceremony. Roly is such a dear, tender soul.

And this is it for wedding photos until next year when we marry in Vancouver. This photo says it all... So wonderful when you meet your person. Took me a test run, a practice boyfriend and then I found 'the one'. Better late than never!

And I am so grateful to all my friends and family who have been so unbelievably generous at this time. So many lunches, gifties, cards and well wishes. My Mom's bridge ladies threw me a bridal shower last week. Food, drinks, treats, gifts and more... Could a girl feel more loved. Uh no.

My Mom with one of her friends for 40+ years. We should all be so lucky to have great friends through thick and thin...

And now back to proofing the crafty book, prepping for Crafternoons and cleaning up the craft disaster in my place. Happy Sunday crafty peeps! xo

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