Writing up a bunch these days

Well I'm writing a ton these days. The book is officially done and off to the printer. Phew! But now I'm writing DIYs, news on local happenings, updating my websites, etc.

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On a side note I updated my personal website and TBD website recently plus my TBD CV. I had a ton of workshops to add and crafty partners. So kewl!

In other news about writing, I'll post info about the crafty book in the coming months. It'll be in stores for Xmas... Hope to have a big launch par-tee for the book. So stoked!

And now to craft and prep for upcoming Crafternoons. Summer and crafting... Total awesomeness!


Summer Solstice Block Party with NVRC

I've got a new partner in craftiness... North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission (NVRC) has asked me to set up a craft table at a few upcoming events this summer. I'm thrilled cause as a North Van girl how can you not love NVRC!

Our first event together was this Saturday's Summer Solstice Block Party in Lynn Valley Village. It was from 4pm to 8pm and filled with tons of free family fun. The crafty upcycling table was pretty popular - there was hardly a lull in the 4 hours I was there.

I saw some peeps from previous workshops...

Made new friends... The scrap yarn project was a hit!

This girl was so sweet. She wanted to paint a big unicorn then we pulled out the glue gun and added glitter.

My new crafty buddy Serena kicked craft butt...

We also made butterflies out of upcycled cereal boxes...

Big thanks to NVRC for asking me to join in the Summer Solstice fun. I'm looking forward to more crafty goodness with them. And thanks to everyone who dropped by the craft table. Saturday was a blast!


Yay for macrame and succulents!

I am officially in love with macrame. Who knew?! A bit of jute, maybe some beads plus a few free minutes and you can make awesome stuff. So exciting!

I had a macrame adventure yesterday. I bought some glass containers from the thrift store this week. Each costing $0.50 like this one.

I love this candle holder with the cracked glass.

Here are my mini containers soon to be plant holders.

One very cute succulent for $5 and I was good to go!

I started with the green container. I added lark knots to a strip of jute.

I tied the strip of jute around the rim of the green glass container then added single knots to the jute to wrap the container. So darn easy!

I then tied the jute ends into a sing knot then added hangers. I took part of my succulent and planted it into the container. Cute!

I also wrapped the rim with a length of jute. And it was done in a jiffy!

Next I added a jute macrame hanger to the cracked glass container then planted part of the succulent. I love this container. It looks so elegant!

I used a wooden ring for hanging the planter then a bead and some square knots. Then used single knots to create the basket part of the hanger. I then knotted all the loose cords at the bottom. Easy peasy!

And then I ran out of jute. So I have one more to do once I have more jute then I'm gifting these to friends. They're really sweet. And simple to make!

Yay for macrame! It really is a ton of fun and looks awesome!

Meanwhile I bought this bag of metal cookie cutters for $0.50. What a score! I love the duck and fish cutters... Perfect for crafting!

Happy Saturday everyone!



Bring on the Crafternoons! I have a few new peeps I'm partnering up with for upcycling workshops. I'm working with the North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission on a few. One happening tomorrow afternoon in Lynn Valley Village. So tonight I am prepping sample projects for the Summer Solstice Block Party.

Hope to see you there! Tomorrow, 4pm to 8pm, Lynn Valley Village and it's free. Celebrate the summer solstice with a block party like no other. Enjoy live music, facepainting, a balloon lady, a juggler, big games, crafts and more. Details at www.lynnvalleyvillage.com.

Soon I'll post more info about the two Crafternoons I have with the Children's Department at the North Vancouver City Library. Dates are set for July 17th and August 21st.

I'm also confirming dates and projects for a couple of upcycling workshops with my awesome friend Kate at Bird on a Wire. I'm super excited to be working with her! And crafting in her wonderful space. These will be in the Fall so stay tuned!

Then I have two Crafternoons with my City of Richmond peeps in the Fall. Seems so long since I crafted with them!

And also stay tuned for more dates and craftiness with the North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission. Super stoked to be working with NVRC... They are so darn great!


The crafty book is nearly done!

WOW! The end of the crafty book authoring adventure is nearly here. The DIYs are done, photos have been taken, edits have been made and supplemental pages have been written. Hard to believe a few months of intense crafting will soon be over. Phew! I made it...

And I am so thankful to everyone who was involved in the process - friends, family, my dear husband and my team at the publishers. They were unbelievably awesome. And all of the organizations and local peeps who helped me track down supplies. Plus talk me down from my craft meltdowns. I'm one lucky girl!

Stay tuned for news about when the book is out, where to get it and most importantly when and where the big par-tee is to celebrate my first book. Will keep you posted!


Father's Day Crafternoon at NVCL

This weekend I was back at the North Vancouver City Library crafting with my peeps for Father's Day thanks to Vancouver Foundation and their Neighbourhood Small Grant Program. We had about 30 participants. Not bad considering it was sunny and warm outside!

A few of my regulars showed up. I hadn't seen these guys in ages.

This little boy is so darn sweet! It was his third Crafternoon. He kicked some craft butt... I brought items I was hoping to purge from my craft supplies. So we made 'stuff' out of repurposed wine corks like this boat.

And then this heart-shaped face...

I had a big groups of girls join in for a craft date. Love that!

Another regular with her DIY Father's Day card.

And then the craft renegade struck with some origami.

Thanks everyone for joining me! It was an awesome afternoon! And big thanks to Vancouver Foundation for making it possible... Plus the North Vancouver City Library for making space for us!

And another thanks to Vancouver Foundation... They used one of my photos for their blog post about the NSG Summit. They really rock!

Here's to more Crafternoons and crafting with kewl peeps!


Treasures from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore

Last weekend I met up with my lovely, crafty BFF Irina from Frameworq. We connected at the North Vancouver Habitat for Humanity ReStore. That place is filled to the brim with upcycling possibilities! I really liked this chair... For $12 I was super tempted to buy it but I am one girl who does not need another chair.

Here's old chains perfect for an upcycling project. Not sure what but I have no doubt someone could restyle them into something pretty awesome.

And here's where my $2 went... Bag handles for $1.50 and an old clipboard for $0.50. Now that I'm in that whole macrame thang I bet I can whip up a swanky bag with the handles.

And what to do to refresh the clipboard? I want to hang it and clip either a photo or funky card to it.

I thought I could add a stencil to it using Sharpies or gel pens. Or add a coat of chalkboard paint. We shall see!

Today's to do list includes final bits for the book - I get to see the lay out tomorrow. WOW!! Crazy to think it's nearly done and ready for printing. Then I'll be crafting a bit and coming up with easy projects for upcoming Crafternoons.


Love my crafty peeps!

So great to be settling back into my routine... Prepping for Crafternoons, connecting with my crafty peeps and hitting a few local events here and there. Phew! I've been MIA for awhile now with the crafty book and then getting ready for the wedding/honeymoon adventure.

Last week I dropped off my DIY burlap hanging planters to AGRO Café. I wanted to make a couple for Lee whose been awesome for donating TONS of burlap sacs for my Crafternoons and other projects. I stitched up the baskets and my Mom planted the flowers. They look super pretty!

And then I met with my most awesome agents, Nigel and Ben from Integral Artists. They rock! They're trying to look tough and kewl in the photo but they're big softies and so much fun. They've been great helping me with the book deal and we're working on some bigger plans for 2015. Yay!

And then up to Quest University Canada to see my peeps. Hard to believe I worked there for 8+ years... Hopefully I'll be teaching another night class in the future. That was fun! Here are a couple of my favourite peeps... So much love for Dee and Birgit.

And finally I've got to get my DIY mojo back for LowerLonsdale.ca. I have a few posts in the cue but have not been the best team player. Hopefully they still love me. They're an awesome team!

Next up? Seeing my super FAB Crafternoon peeps on Saturday at the North Vancouver City Library. Hope to see a few of my regulars. Now to prep!


Dinner with my wedding peeps

Last week we had a reunion. My Mom wanted to have my lovely wedding team/BFFs over for dinner to share memories, photos and yummy food. She's adopted Diana and Marnie just like I have. Great friends are the stuff of life... Plus an awesome husband!

Here's Dad surrounded by beautiful women... No wonder he looks so happy!

Dad with Diana and Marnie... Love these ladies!

And then Diana got to see Dad's handy work when it comes to photography, writing and crafty projects.

Diana gave me a disc of all her photos from our wedding adventure to Cuba. She captured some awesome and touching moments from the day. So thankful she was there to help document the wedding and reception.

Here's me after my make up person took an hour to make me look pretty for the wedding. I never EVER wear a lot of make up so this is a bit over the top for me. Eyebrows coloured, base and foundation galore... Feeling and looking like a bride to be.

Here's a great shot of the vintage convertible I rode around Havana in.

A contemplative moment... We were waiting, waiting AND waiting once I was in the dress and ready to go. There is regular time, Cuban time and even Roly time... They don't always sync up too well.

Marnie and I...

Me in the rented dress...

A beautiful shot of Mom and I. This is definitely frame worthy!

And a teeny tiny bit of love before the ceremony. Roly is such a dear, tender soul.

And this is it for wedding photos until next year when we marry in Vancouver. This photo says it all... So wonderful when you meet your person. Took me a test run, a practice boyfriend and then I found 'the one'. Better late than never!

And I am so grateful to all my friends and family who have been so unbelievably generous at this time. So many lunches, gifties, cards and well wishes. My Mom's bridge ladies threw me a bridal shower last week. Food, drinks, treats, gifts and more... Could a girl feel more loved. Uh no.

My Mom with one of her friends for 40+ years. We should all be so lucky to have great friends through thick and thin...

And now back to proofing the crafty book, prepping for Crafternoons and cleaning up the craft disaster in my place. Happy Sunday crafty peeps! xo