The wedding dress saga

Just over 3 weeks ago I got married. And what a wedding it was! Not at all what I had in mind or expected but perfect nonetheless. Thanks to my husband for organizing 95% of the wedding and reception.

I did help with the paperwork of course and then worked on an idea for my wedding dress. It all started with this $4 thrift store dress that I wanted to restyle.

The dress was a size 16 that needed to be trimmed down to a size 8. I'm no seamstress so paid a friend to help me rework my thrift store find.

We first pinned...

Then did a quick stitch job... The top was too loose and the hips were too tight so my friend next reworked the fitting of the dress.

Unfortunately due to some unforeseen circumstances (car breakdowns, moving, pneumonia) we scrambled to get it finished in time. Here I am a week before leaving for the wedding. This is the dress done...

We added a swirl to the bottom as a fun detail which I love.

The top was still a bit loose but I thought that dry cleaning it would make a difference. Oh and check out the awesome pendant a friend bought for me to wear on my wedding day. Score!

And I found the perfect shoes for the day too!

But alas when I got to Havana and tried the dress on it wasn't gonna work - the hips were still too tight and the top was still a bit too loose.

I ended up renting a dress through the people we organized the reception with. And it was... Stunning! Even if the restyled dress had fit better it wouldn't have been right. So all fell into place perfectly.

And man did we look wonderful together... My dress, Roly's suit... It was an amazing day! The dress, makeup, jewelry and hair cost 50 CUC ($60 CDN) - it was so worth it!

I'm not giving up on my restyled dress. My BFF Thelma is going to help me with the dress and hopefully we can update it into what I had in mind. Maybe it'll be the right dress for our wedding in Vancouver next year. Or by then I'll have something else in mind. But for now I had a kick butt wedding - it was one magical day!

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