Frameworq's Upcycled* Fashion Show

Now that I'm back from the wedding / honeymoon adventure and nearing completion of the crafty book I'm authoring, I'm super stoked about having a life again... Getting out, seeing friends, making new ones and finding inspiration. Saturday was my friend Irina's Upcycled* Fashion Show at FIVESIXTY Nightclub.

It was a great show - there was a comedian, fashion show, booths, etc.

I saw a few familiar faces... Like my peeps from Wood Shop Workers Co-op.

This guy was pretty darn funny. James Kennedy is a local comedian. Here he is warming up the crowd.

And then the show was on!

Here's an action shot... Saw some awesome work, met fun new peeps and Irina (aka Frameworq) kicked butt.

And before you know it, it was over... Definitely a great success!

Then there was the giveaway...

And then we wished Irina well and congrats, planned a crafty date and that was that. An awesome evening out!

Here I am with Irina and my date Claire.

Big congrats to Irina... One awesome crafty peep! We're both kicking it this year.

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