Back to kicking craft butt

And I've got my crafty groove back! Yay! I'm working through the crafty book and I am so close to being done. Phew! 40 DIYs - done... 10 additional write ups - done... And the intro and added pages are in the works. I'm gonna make it!

I dyed burlap this week and made burlap flowers for my crafty book peeps. They've been awesome - great cheerleaders, helpers, editors, etc, etc, etc. I'm adding this cute burlap DIY to my list of fun and easy go to crafty projects.

Here's my witches brew of purple dye and burlap...

I wrapped stem wire with hemp then glue gunned a purple burlap rose to the top.

And then added some plain burlap leaves to the top. Uber pretty, aren't they?

And now that the book is coming to an end it's time to ramp things up with my agents. Nigel and Ben from Integral Artists are pretty fabulous. They helped with the book deal and we have plans... BIG plans for some crafty awesomeness. Next week we start working on our schemes. Yay!

And then I've been reconnecting with my uber FAB crafty peeps like Kate from Bird on a Wire Creations. We met and discussed partnering up on some upcycling workshops in the Fall. Stay tuned for details - projects and dates to come!

Last night I hit the Friday Night Market... Over the years this event has grown like crazy. There must have been 1000s there. Seriously... North Vancouver is becoming kewl. Who knew?! And I guess by default I'm kewl since I live in North Vancouver.

And lucky me.... I connected with another kewl crafty peep at the Friday Night Market. Lo and behold I ran into Meike from The Love of Lavender. I've known Meike for years. I used to help her with her website years ago but we've never met in person. I love it when you have a cyber, crafty friend and then you finally meet in the flesh. Meike is so lovely!

And now I'm off to make a couple of burlap hanging planters for Lee at Agro Cafe... Just a small giftie to thank her for all the burlap she's donated to my upcycling workshops. Happy sunny Saturday everyone!

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