Back from my wedding & honeymoon adventure

I'm back and married to my person... You know that one person that just fits you to a 'T'. That's Roly for me. Roly planned the wedding and I just had to show up with my entourage and restyled wedding dress. This post is about the wedding. Soon I'll post about the whole big wedding and honeymoon adventure then the big question EVERYONE keeps asking - what happened to the dress? As you'll see my rented one was perfect for the day... And what a day it was!

It all began with being toured around Havana on the trunk of a vintage car. I rented this awesome wedding dress through the team who were in charge of our reception. For 50 CUC (about $60 CDN) I got the dress, jewelry, hair and make up... Plus my make up person was with me all day for touch ups, etc. What a dealorama!

First the train of my dress was draped over the trunk then I was asked to sit down... Totally unexpected but I went with it. Meanwhile the street was all abuzz with people and neighbours waiting for me. In the car was the driver, my father-in-law, ring bearer (Roly's nephew) and flower girl (the daughter of one of Roly's neighbours). My Mom and two BFFs (Diana and Marnie) followed behind in a taxi.

We drove around the streets of Havana honking and onlookers taking photos, honking and cheering me on. Then we hit the Malecon (famous street in Havana with tons of cars and onlookers) and slowly we made our way to the registry office where Roly was waiting for me.

Meanwhile Roly went to the registry office with his family and entourage. He's looking pretty darn snappy! He's very traditional - we weren't allowed to see each other beforehand and he had no idea which dress I had decided on.

Here he is with his coworker Sadie... I met Sadie the same time I met Roly. She always thought we would get married. Glad she made it to the ceremony and reception. It turns out she was right!

Roly with his Mom and my Mom. Love his outfit!

And then another photo (seriously there were 1000s of photos taken so narrowing it down to 30 for this post was a teeny tiny bit difficult!) of Roly with my Mom and my BFFs, Diana and Marnie.

Waiting... He looks a bit tense!

And then I arrived with his Dad... We were a bit late since we got lost. I think my dress is looking pretty darn spectacular. I never thought of wearing a big froo-froo wedding dress but it was perfect for what Roly had in mind.

My Mom walking me down the 'aisle' and giving me away...

A moment of hilarity as my Mom teased Roly. She did end up giving me away then we were set to get things going with the ceremony.

But more photos first...

And more...

I love some of the moments my BFF Diana captured like this one.

Just waiting for the ceremony to start. We were waiting to enter the door beside me.

So happy and excited to marry such an amazing and wonderful man!

Here we are during the ceremony. There were 20+ of us jammed into the makeshift wedding chapel - family, friends and photographers galore.

It's becoming official at this point... Papers signed and now wedding bands exchanged.

Here's a great shot from our new friend Emma (a student from the US who was renting the penthouse we usually stay in - she gave it up for us while we were in Havana).

And now we are... MARRIED! Yay!

So now both of us were on the trunk of the vintage car driving around Havana honking the horn, cheers, photos, etc.

Here's a classic shot... We went to The National Hotel for photos. This is where we had our first date. All of us and the vintage car at the entrance to the hotel. We were a hit with the tourists!

Walking around for photo locations... After awhile I really lost my photo mojo. I'm not a poser and apparently I tend to make weird faces. Who knew!

Our cutie patootie ring bearer and flower girl.

A quick shot of my Mom. She's looking gorgeous!

And I love this photo of my Mom and I. Definitely print worthy!

And the married couple looking stunning and happy. Yay for love! And yay for becoming Denise Morales.

And now time for the reception. We were late with the ceremony delayed a bit then all the driving around taking photos. It was time to celebrate!

We were introduced by our MC, a local TV presenter that Roly hired. Roly did an amazing job with the wedding and reception. Before we entered, the MC shared our love story then introduced us to the 90 family and friends waiting for us.

Another beautiful moment captured by my BFF Diana...

And now even more photos! We took photos with everyone... Roly, me, my Mom and one of Roly's second Moms. This is the lovely lady he bakes cakes with. Yup - he's a renaissance man!

Here's the wedding cake...

The reception included 4 Canadians, 80+ Cubans and then 5 Americans. It was a blast!

My Mom, Roly, me, Roly's nephew Daniel and Roly's Mom.

A lovely shot of my Mom and I sharing a giggle. I was so tired by the end of the reception. Getting married is tiring but so worth it! I'm stoked to be married to someone so unbelievably wonderful. Life is surprising!

And more photos to come... Next up will be a few shots from the whole 2 week wedding and honeymoon adventure then I'll share the story about the wedding dress.


  1. Aw, congratulations! How wonderful!

    1. Thanks Lysa!! Was an awesome day! And honeymoon... So excited to have found my person! :-D

  2. Have no idea how I've ended here, but so glad I have. As a fellow crafty person I've been having a little nosey around at your fun makes. Your wedding post has had me smiling all over. Just beautiful. Congratulations to you both x

    1. Awww thanks Keren! The wedding and honeymoon were awesome. Still all aglow from my time away. Yay for love! And craftiness. :-D