Adventuring with my wedding peeps and husband

On April 24th the wedding / honeymoon adventure began! I was pretty wiped by the time I got to the airport... I sent off most of my DIY projects for the book that morning, packed, did last minute shopping then was ready to go. My Dad drove me, my Mom and my awesome BFFs Diana and Marnie to the airport. We were on our way!

Here's Diana... My Mom adopted her and Marnie. They are truly amazing friends.

Here's the wedding adventure team...

And then we made it! I spent 2 days in Vardero, they spent 3. We chilled, we drank, we swam, we ate and we bonded.

Diana is always up for fun. She has the best laugh of anyone I know!

And Mom was getting into the whole Cuba vibe.

This is how the mornings went at the resort... We double swigged cappuccinos. Oh caffeine how I love you! And need you...

And we of course ventured to the beach and drank pina coladas. This is where I got a burn with very distracting tan lines. I wasn't thinking ahead to my wedding dress at this point.

Then we met up again in Havana. I went early to deal with the paperwork, reception details then to try on wedding dresses.

We drank, shopped, explored and made new friends like this dog.

Diana was in heaven taking photos throughout Havana. It's one photogenic city!

Roly hit the jackpot with awesome dinner spots 3 nights in a row. This is where we've had numerous dates - great ambience, delicious food, reasonable prices plus I love the people who run this Cuban hipster joint. Yes there is such a thing!

Awww love my BFFs!

And Roly and my Mom hit it off... At this point her new name became 'La Mamma'. So cute!

More exploring... Love this shot of Marnie with some street musicians. These guys were hilarious!

Then we dropped by Roly's work where we met. Here he is with Sadie. I met them both at the same time and Sadie always thought we would marry. Turns out she was right!

Here's 'La Mamma' with Roly at his work.

And where we took our first photo together on that fateful afternoon we met.

Then it was dealing with final wedding details like Roly's visit to the barber that took forever.

Loved the vintage seats at the barber, didn't love waiting so much. ;-)

And then this happened the afternoon before the wedding... One of the craziest storms ever. Mom, Diana, Marnie and I got stuck in a restaurant for 4 hours while waiting for this storm to pass. Thunder, lightening and torrential rain - wow! Trees torn down - even burnt down. Yikes!

And then it cleared up and we went out for a high end dinner by El Capitolio. Here's Roly with last minute wedding arrangements. He planned 95% of our wedding and reception. He's a keeper!

And done!

Awww love! Someone's excited about getting married. * swoon *

That night we drank Baileys with heart-shaped ice cubes. Perfect way to spend the night before our wedding ceremony and reception.

And then we got married. Yay!

I spent the next day with my Mom, Diana and Marnie before they headed back to Vancouver. One more mojito in Old Havana.

And then it was Roly and I... Here we are out for lunch with friends. Looking a bit wiped out from the wedding, etc.

We first hit Varadero to meet up with friends and do some adventuring. We rented a scooter and trekked around town.

Love this guy! My favourite jewelry vender in Cuba. I've met Ray on numerous occasions... He's awesome! Plus he gave me a ring as a wedding gift.

And then we found this stunning spot for a photo.

Love this pic... We're such cutie patooties!

We then rented a car to go adventuring to places neither of us had been. We ended up staying in Santa Clara for a couple of nights. We lucked out finding this casa particular. It was gorgeous! The people were awesome and for 4 CUCs (less than $5 CDN) we got the most amazing breakfast spread ever!

Fresh coffee, juice, bread, eggs, fruit... So darn yummy!

We did some touristy stuff like visiting the Che Guevara Mausoleum.

We toured the monument and then the memorial and museum.

Then I toured the main square and shops.

Here's our final breakfast at the casa particular. Getting the look of love from my husband is a pretty spectacular way to start the day I tell ya!

And then we drove, we toured, we adventured through tons of small towns. Loved watching people ride their bikes while holding up an umbrella. Such a gorgeous country!

Roly drove most of the time so I got to sit back and enjoy.

My last day in Varadero was bittersweet to say the least. We finally had beach time together.

Roly was pooped! Planning a wedding and reception is hard work... And getting married is pretty awesome yet tiring.

And here's Roly with our friend Sandra. Luckily we were able to meet up with Sandra a few times.

And then I was on a plane back to Vancouver. What an adventure... Such a joyful, overwhelming, amazing time to go on an adventure with my Mom and BFFs, to marry my person and to then go exploring with my husband. Life is pretty darn fabulous!

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