North Vancouver's ReStore is an upcycler's hot spot

This weekend I fell in love with the North Vancouver Habitat for Humanity ReStore again. It really is the go to place for kewl and cheap finds!

I dropped by to find funky handles for a DIY project I was working on. And guess what? I found some... $0.75/each. Dealorama!

And then of course I picked up other nifty treats... Like these brass hanging things. No idea what they are but I like them! I also bought some old metal pulleys... Not sure what I'll do with them but for $0.50/each I had to get them!

Loved this wooden rustic, vintage frame... I was extravagant. I paid $8 for it!

Here are my awesome finds... So stoked!

Oddly enough I bought another mirror for $4 at the Salvation Army the previous day... I adore these two together. Same dimensions, totally different vibe. I'm keeping them together wherever I hang them.

North Vancouver ReStore mirror...

North Vancouver Salvation Army find...

Total score! Now to find a happy home for them! And truly I have an addiction to kewl frames and nifty mirrors... There are worse things I suppose!

Now to get crafty! I'm kicking craft butt authoring the book and tomorrow will need to prep for class 5 of Crafting with 'Crap'. Who knew repurposing 'junk' would be so darn fulfilling!

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