Monsters & pushpins

Yup - monsters and pushpins... Related yet unrelated. All I can say is I'm a crafting machine these days! Thursday was my final Crafting with 'Crap' class at Quest University Canada. And we made monsters! Upcycled wool sweaters, old clothes into super scary creatures.

It all starts with a pattern. Here's my initial sketch for the monster...

I then sketched it in the actual size on cereal box cardboard and cut it out. I was good to go!

Here it is... Od buttons, felted wool and one big mouth with sharp teeth.

Love these buttons!

Here's the quick and dirty rundown...

Meanwhile I made pushpins for a burlap pinboard I made... I upcycled vintage buttons and thrift store jewelry.

So darn awesome! Looking pretty kewl, don't they?

And tomorrow I'll be working on the book. Today was an Easter Crafternoon at the North Vancouver City Library, tomorrow is the book and here's hoping I'll also have an update on my restyled thrift store wedding dress. It's all happening!

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