Let the craft chaos begin!

About a month ago I cleaned up my crafty space... My dining area and living room. Wow! My place was looking pretty darn gorgeous!

I have tons of craft supplies... OMG!

Here's my Crafternoon corner... Paint, old sweaters, paper, jewelry supplies and more!

And here's where the magic happens...

The sweet spot... Reminders of just how awesome life is right now!

All organized and ready to go!

And then this happened! With upcoming Crafternoons, the Crafting with 'Crap' continuing ed class and now authoring a book... Things are getting messy around here!

Piles and piles of crafty supplies are EVERYWHERE...

There's really no method to the madness but just my main go to upcycling supplies - egg cartons, tin cans, glass jars and wine corks.

Now that I'm officially authoring a book it'll just get worse until I leave to get married at the end of April.

Hope you'll follow along for my book authoring adventure! Super stoked now that the contract is signed and we're finalizing the table of contents. 2015 you are one pretty darn awesome year!

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