Crafting with 'Crap' class five

Class five of six was on Thursday night. What 'crap' did we craft with this week? Thrift store frames and upcycled CDs. It's easy enough to find cheap frames at the thrift store. I scored a bunch ranging in price from $0.99 to $1.99. Then I received a ton of old CDs as donations.

Next I picked up adhesive from Michaels that would work for creating a mosaic using CDs pieces.

It's a bit messy cutting CDs. Some DIYs suggest soaking the CDs in warm water or having a lit candle close by to heat the CDs and avoid the film from flaking off.

First I painted my frame with grey and silver...

Then you cut up the CDs and slowly add the pieces one by one...

It doesn't need to be perfect... I love the look of the mosaic so far!

Here's the frame halfway through the update.

After I added all of the pieces I then added a coat of white craft paint. I looked into buying grout from the hardware store. But it's expensive and you can't buy super small containers of it - seemed silly so I went with plan B. Plan B is adding a coat of the white paint then rubbing it off of the CD pieces. I think it works!

Slowly but surely you glue the pieces then paint then rub off the paint.

I think it's looking pretty darn good so far!

Here's the frame 90% complete... So close!

And here's the final frame update with the mirror back in place... Groovy!

One more class to go and we're planning a par-tee!! Yay for kewl, crafty peeps... And crafting with 'crap'.

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