City of Richmond Easter Crafternoon

Two Easter Crafternoons this month. First up was a DIY Easter Gift Basket upcycling workshop with the City of Richmond. I brought old clothes, tin cans, glass containers, egg cartons and more.

I had a few DIY basket samples prepped but the group decided on making an Easter egg basket out of felted wool sweaters...

We created yarn from old t-shirts for the handles.

It was the quietest Crafternoon I've ever had!

Lots of team work going on...

We rocked the DIY Easter basket making!

One of the participants wanted a photo of me with the completed baskets... Looking a teeny tiny bit tired these days!

Here are the finished baskets... Very Easter egg-y!

Love my Richmond peeps!

Here's the group... It was a small team with loads of crafty hutzpah!

Big thanks to everyone for joining me!

Next up? An Easter Crafternoon at the North Vancouver City Library on March 28th, 1:30pm to 3pm.

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