Easter Crafternoon at the NVCL

Saturday was my latest Crafternoon at one of my FAV spots - the North Vancouver City Library. It was all about Easter upcycling DIYs. We had 40+ participants - loads of my regular crafters young and old.

Here's one of my youth volunteers, Ben. The calm before the storm...

We hung the Easter bunting...

I bought flowers for one of my DIY vases...

And then we crafted!

Here's one of my newbies...

Yup - it was busy! A smaller group than usual but still super fun, a bit messy and very industrious!

And my craft renegade showed up! He made origami flowers then planted them in an upcycled tuna can.

Completed project number one!

Yup - a burlap hat. Pretty kewl!

Big smiles and fun projects galore!

Egg carton flowers... Spring has sprung!

Here's our Crafternoon princess... She showed up with an awesome purple gown then changed once things got messy!

Yup - one of my FAV crafty peeps... The infamous craft renegade.

And Ava... One of my regulars, helpers and the official Crafternoon cheerleader!

My coworker Mike and one of my Crafternoon BFFs (aka his daughter Kiera).

Finished project time!

And happy crafters time...

Such a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. Big thanks to everyone who showed up!

And of course big thanks to the North Vancouver City Library!! You guys are total awesomeness!


Monsters & pushpins

Yup - monsters and pushpins... Related yet unrelated. All I can say is I'm a crafting machine these days! Thursday was my final Crafting with 'Crap' class at Quest University Canada. And we made monsters! Upcycled wool sweaters, old clothes into super scary creatures.

It all starts with a pattern. Here's my initial sketch for the monster...

I then sketched it in the actual size on cereal box cardboard and cut it out. I was good to go!

Here it is... Od buttons, felted wool and one big mouth with sharp teeth.

Love these buttons!

Here's the quick and dirty rundown...

Meanwhile I made pushpins for a burlap pinboard I made... I upcycled vintage buttons and thrift store jewelry.

So darn awesome! Looking pretty kewl, don't they?

And tomorrow I'll be working on the book. Today was an Easter Crafternoon at the North Vancouver City Library, tomorrow is the book and here's hoping I'll also have an update on my restyled thrift store wedding dress. It's all happening!


Class 5 how to is up!

I wrote up the how to for class 5 of Crafting with 'Crap'... How to Restyle Old Frames Using Upcycled CDs and DVDs. It's an easy, funky and slightly messy DIY. You should try it out!

Download the PDF at www.thriftybydesign.ca. Today's plan is to get class 6's how to up... It's all about DIY monsters!


The wedding dress adventure continues!

And the wedding dress adventure is moving forward... First fitting happened this week! We're trimming the dress from a size 16 to 8 then we get to work on the fun stuff!

My uber talented crafty peep Karen from Endure Upcycled Designs did an initial stitch job. It fits well in some places, a bit loose in others and definitely tight in spots. So next up? Karen reworks the stitching then we have another fitting then we move on to lowering the neckline and adding some embellishments.

I love the colour - silver with a slight texture. It's gonna look awesome!

Once the necklace has been lowered and the bodice has been fixed up... It'll have some WOW factor!

First fitting - done!

Then we'll discuss the thrift store drape and if we should include it with the dress. Maybe as a shawl. I like the fabric and colour - would go really well with the dress.

I also fell in love with this pendant... I'm thinking of buying it to go with the dress. We're adding stitching to the hem that'll be silver thread swirls. This would fit with the dress perfectly! I found it in the gift store at the Britannia Mine Museum.

The next fitting is hopefully this week. Getting excited about the dress, the wedding, the trip and all the goodness that 2015 has in store for me. And for Roly. Yay!


Crafting with 'Crap' class five

Class five of six was on Thursday night. What 'crap' did we craft with this week? Thrift store frames and upcycled CDs. It's easy enough to find cheap frames at the thrift store. I scored a bunch ranging in price from $0.99 to $1.99. Then I received a ton of old CDs as donations.

Next I picked up adhesive from Michaels that would work for creating a mosaic using CDs pieces.

It's a bit messy cutting CDs. Some DIYs suggest soaking the CDs in warm water or having a lit candle close by to heat the CDs and avoid the film from flaking off.

First I painted my frame with grey and silver...

Then you cut up the CDs and slowly add the pieces one by one...

It doesn't need to be perfect... I love the look of the mosaic so far!

Here's the frame halfway through the update.

After I added all of the pieces I then added a coat of white craft paint. I looked into buying grout from the hardware store. But it's expensive and you can't buy super small containers of it - seemed silly so I went with plan B. Plan B is adding a coat of the white paint then rubbing it off of the CD pieces. I think it works!

Slowly but surely you glue the pieces then paint then rub off the paint.

I think it's looking pretty darn good so far!

Here's the frame 90% complete... So close!

And here's the final frame update with the mirror back in place... Groovy!

One more class to go and we're planning a par-tee!! Yay for kewl, crafty peeps... And crafting with 'crap'.


Crafting like crazy for the book

Life is all about being crafty lately... Hard to believe I have a 'real' job as well! I worked on the book I'm authoring last weekend and will do the same this weekend. Crafting, writing and living in craft chaos will be my life till I head to Havana for my wedding. Countdown is on!

Here's my place... Piles of craft this and that all over. Yikes!

My makeshift photo area... Just quick snapshots of my projects. Thankfully I'm not in charge of the final photos!

Hit two milestones... We signed off on the table of contents, I sent in the write ups for a bunch of DIYs and then this lovely man couriered a package of my completed projects to the publisher. Super kewl!

Next up? Getting super duper crafty this weekend... Writing my Vancouver digest for The Makers Nation, maybe a DIY for LowerLonsdale.ca and then the book. Fuelled on crafting and caffeine these days!


North Vancouver's ReStore is an upcycler's hot spot

This weekend I fell in love with the North Vancouver Habitat for Humanity ReStore again. It really is the go to place for kewl and cheap finds!

I dropped by to find funky handles for a DIY project I was working on. And guess what? I found some... $0.75/each. Dealorama!

And then of course I picked up other nifty treats... Like these brass hanging things. No idea what they are but I like them! I also bought some old metal pulleys... Not sure what I'll do with them but for $0.50/each I had to get them!

Loved this wooden rustic, vintage frame... I was extravagant. I paid $8 for it!

Here are my awesome finds... So stoked!

Oddly enough I bought another mirror for $4 at the Salvation Army the previous day... I adore these two together. Same dimensions, totally different vibe. I'm keeping them together wherever I hang them.

North Vancouver ReStore mirror...

North Vancouver Salvation Army find...

Total score! Now to find a happy home for them! And truly I have an addiction to kewl frames and nifty mirrors... There are worse things I suppose!

Now to get crafty! I'm kicking craft butt authoring the book and tomorrow will need to prep for class 5 of Crafting with 'Crap'. Who knew repurposing 'junk' would be so darn fulfilling!