Valentine's burlap gift bags

On Friday I hit Urban Source on Main Street. I met with my new crafty, upcycling peep Irina from Frameworq. Urban Source is awesome! I picked up a few things for my upcoming Valentine's Crafternoon then Irina and I trekked around Main Street, drank coffee and made plans to make FAB crafty things happen together.

Here are the lovely ladies from Urban Source sending some love.

I bought 4 of these mini burlap bags for $0.50/each then stencilled and felt appliquéd them. I also added old buttons and beads to the ties. Then filled them with chocolate goodness to give away at the Valentine's Crafternoon.

This one made me think of Onana Knits - they knit fun mug cozies with cute sayings stitched to them.

Once I added some funkiness to the burlap gift bags from Urban Source I then made my own DIY goodie bag. Of course I have tons of burlap around! ;-)

I cut out the corner of one of the burlap sacks then added a felt appliqué heart with a heart-shaped button.

I pinned the heart to the burlap then added a buttonhole stitch...

I stitched up the one side with pink embroidery floss then added a blue ribbon along the top. I just weaved the ribbon through the burlap and was done!

Here's my buttonhole stitched heart...

I added beads to the ends of the ribbon.

And it's done! I filled it with chocolate then gave it away. Sharing the crafty goodness is da best!

Here's the how to on this DIY...

I'll definitely make more of these. So easy and cute!

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