Upcycled toilet paper roll projects

I'm in the midst of crafty, upcycling heaven... Prepping for tomorrow's Valentine's Crafternoon at the North Vancouver City Library. I made a couple of simple upcycled toilet paper roll projects.

First easy peasy DIY is this heart-shaped decor piece... I painted a toilet paper roll white then cut it into 4 pieces. I then turned the pieces into hearts.

Once the paint dried, I added holes to the top and bottom of the hearts. I then strung them together with ribbon and added beads from some junk jewelry.

I also added a silver star to the bottom to give the piece some weight - then it would hang better.

I love the colours!

Such a simple upcycling project...

I also made a toilet paper roll package to add gifties to.

And now on to other sample projects!

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