Let the wedding dress adventures begin!

DIY wedding bands are good to go... Next up? My wedding dress using 'restyled' thrift store finds! Here's what I'm starting with - a $4 dress from the Lions Gate Thrift Shop. It's a light grey with a silk-like texture. It's size 16 and I'm size 8 so there's a ton of trimming that needs to be done!

My plan is to create a very simple and elegant dress that I can jazz up somehow - yet to be decided. First step is 'restyling' the dress to fit me. And thankfully my super talented crafty peep Karen from Endure Upcycled Designs has agreed to help!

As you can see it's quite big on me. Maybe I'll create something from the scrap pieces. A bracelet with a floral detail using bits of the scrap fabric. Who knows!

Here's the pin up job we did... Pulling in the sides, snipping here, snipping there plus making the scoop line lower.

It's gonna be fun! After we trim the dress then we get crazy and creative! I'm going to stew on ideas the next two weeks then we move to phase two. SO EXCITED!

Here's Karen and I ready to kick upcycling butt...

Karen makes awesome stuff... Definitely check her out at In Good Company at 67 Lonsdale Avenue.

Looking forward to my dress 'restyling' adventures with Endure Upcycled Designs... Rings - done, dress - in the works... April 30th can't come soon enough!

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